Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual abuse of under-aged women, committed a suicide on 10 August 2019, in a prison in New York. In the USA the issue echoed, as it concerns a person very well-known not only in the financial world, but also politics, entertainment and science.


The scandal broke out in 2005 when a mother of a 14-year-old girl from Palm Beach reported to the police that her daughter had been abused by a millionaire. The FBI investigation led to identification of 5 other victims of the pedophile and uncovering a well-organized system of prostitution. Whereas journalistic investigation, carried out by the local newspaper ‘Miami Herald’ revealed that 80 women had been harassed by the financier. One of the girls who had refused sex with Epstein, was raped by him – she did not go to the police after ‘apologies’ in the form of a thousand dollars in cash. According to the police Epstein was luring poor girls, using their financial needs. In 2006 the police in Palm Beach put forward accusations against him but he remained unpunished thanks to the American law, that is, non prosecution deal under which a procurator agrees not to prosecute him in return for not committing a crime by him again.

Power of media

A very important role in the pedophilic and prostitution scandal was played by Ghislaine Maxwell, the youngest daughter of a British media magnate Robert Maxwell. Her social position resulted not only from her father’s role but mainly from friendship with a prince Andrzej. After her father’s death Ghislaine moved to the United States. Here she met Epstein. She became his lover although their romantic relations did not last long. And here a strange thing happened – when Ghislaine saw that the man whom she loved, had a penchant for under-aged girls, she did not end her relation with him but decided to ‘provide’ him with them for company. For this purpose she organized a whole group of women working to satisfy sexual appetites and perversions of the financier.

Another aspect

One can find out about the life of the pedophile from reports by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, but I would also like to note another aspect of the millionaire’s personality. He believed he had unusual genes and his dream was passing over his DNA to humankind. So, he wanted to fertilize 20 women. His dreams reflect his fascination with trans-humanism, that is, ‘improving’ humankind with genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.

The opinions of Epstein are proved by his behavior at one of his meetings at Harvard during which the financier criticized a plan of restricting famine in the world; he explained that it would raise a risk of overpopulation on the planet. He thought if children were born, they should have his DNA.

It is worth reminding a story of Epistein that there are millions of people like him. Who writes about them? Who is prosecuting them? Who makes movies about them? In Poland there are journalists and film makers who cynically limit the tragedy of pedophilia to abuse committed by priests.

One can only contact a journalist of ‘Miami Herald’ Julie K. Brown who identified 80 women abused in their youth by the millionaire – maybe it would be necessary to make a film of their testimonies? Maybe those who demand on dismissing priests should also concentrate of professors of the Harvard and who pretended not to see the ‘soft point’ of the millionaire for little girls in return for receiving funds from him? However, I am afraid that they will not do it, as in the case of pedophiles they are obliged by the rule ‘but do not tell anyone’.


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