In the opinion of the Office of the National Intelligence Director of USA, Moscow saw a candidate in the person of Donald Trump, with whom – speaking colloquially – it will be easier for Russia to communicate. Hence, there are attempts made by Russia to bring a harm to its main rival – Hillary Clinton. However, it does not mean that Trump or his people have committed an illegal conspiracy together with the Russians against their political rivals in the country

One cannot doubt that these were hackers working for Kremlin who attacked servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), in order to publicize a text of emails which presented the management of the party in the unfavourable light. The American public opinion found out, among the others, that the authorities of DNC had been favouring the candidate of establishment since the very beginning – Hillary Clinton, also trying to torpedo its main rival - a radical socialist and anti-system activist Berni Sanders.

Democrats in the USA had already began to accuse the election staff of Donald Trump before the election, and also the candidate of the Republicans, of their illegal cooperation with Russia. Liberal media, not favouring the conservatists, caught the issue and were reporting all contacts of Trump’s people with Russian citizens in every meeting and every talk, searching for conspiracy against the Democrats. The problem is that so far it has been impossible to find any evidence which would confirm the thesis about the alleged illegal alliance. Not mentioning any evidence against Trump himself, whose the American leftist party was even trying to frighten with impeachment.

Hence the current president of the USA defines the whole issue as ‘hunting for witches’ and suggests that the whole scandal is only a cynical political game pursued by the Democrats. Its purpose is to destroy trustfulness to the administration of Trump and justifying the election defeat of the candidate of the Democratic Party. The American leftist party and liberal media favouring it were mocking at these accusations and suggested that Trump and his administration had a lot to answer for. Such events as a statement of James Clapper – the former chief of the National Intelligence of USA (from the presidency time of leftist politician Obama) were ineffective, who admitted in a programme of CNN in May this year that no evidence confirming that thesis had been found, that the election staff of Trump might have cooperated with Russia in order to influence the result of the presidential election.

These statements have even been negated recently by the producer of the CNN television which even stopped hiding its abhorrence to the republican president. The American investigation service Project Veritas published a film in which the producer of CNN John Bonifield, not knowing that he was being recorded, admitted that in the whole scandal president Trump was right when accusing the opposition of ‘hunting for witches’. According to Bonfield, the TV station employing him, wants only viewership, and the issue of the alleged contacts of Trump with Moscow guarantees it. Facts, journalistic reliability? All this, in the opinion of Bonfield, is in the background – what counts is money, which is guaranteed by a high number of viewers. The producer of the CNN admitted that – according to him – there is no evidence which could confirm the thesis about relations of Trump and his staff with Moscow. Otherwise they would have been found and presented to the American public opinion a long time ago.

However, it is not the only scandal with participation of workers of the CNN station. At the end of June this year its three journalists were fired because of publication of a false article suggesting that in January this years in Davos, where there had been a World Economic Forum, there was allegedly a secret meeting of Anthony Scaramucci – Trump’s advisor at that time with Kirił Dmitrijiw – a chief of the national Russian Fund of Direct Investments. The CNN station said in its programme that during the meeting there was a discussion on abolition of American sanctions against Russia. As the American Anthony Scaramucci explained. Dmitrijew came up to him in a restaurant only to say hello to him, and during a short talk they did not mention any sanctions. The inner control of the CNN station confirmed that the material published by its journalists was not reliable and decided about removing it at once.

James O’Keefe – a chairperson of the Project Veritas assured that his organization was preparing more material on unreliability of media. In the future we are to get to know also practices used, among the others, in ‘The Washington Post’ and a liberal TV station CBS.

In the beginning of this July the American ‘The New York Times’ informed about a meeting of Donald Trump the junior – a son of the current president of the USA, who held the function of an advisor before the election – with pro-Kremlin lawyer Natalia Weselnicka. The Russian lawyer promised to provide information which might bring harm to Hillary Clinton. According to people connected with the USA administration, the son of Trump did not know the surname of the person with whom Trump Tower had had an appointment in New York. Also Jared Kushner – a son of law of president Trump and his current advisor, as well as the chief of the campaign of Paul Manafort at that time, participated in the talk. Finally, as junior Trump informed, the Russian lawyer had not had any valuable information about Clinton. According to him, a real purpose of the meeting was a talk about a program of adopting Russian children by American families, and also the so-called list of Magnicki – a collection of surnames of Russian citizens, on whom Washington, in respect of breaching human rights by them, imposed a prohibition of leaving for the USA. Moreover, their bank accounts were frozen. Over the ocean there is a debate on whether to acknowledge this meeting as something reprehensible or not. The leftist party perceives it as a confirmation of accusations directed against Trump and his election staff about the alleged conspiracy with Moscow. Supporters of the USA president negate these accusations, explaining that there was nothing bad or illegal about this meeting.


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