Polish bishops deserve a lot of respect as they are really caring for our Christian perspective so that it would not be obscured by the political one connected with the issue of refugees and immigrants from Islamic countries. Appeals for the international pressure on participants of the conflict, requests for establishing humanitarian corridors for victims of the war needing urgent medical help, addressed to the Polish government, raised money in and outside churches, support of the Polish section of the association ‘Help to Church in need’, promoting messages of the Holy Father Francis in this issue – all this is inscribed with beautiful letters in the history of Church in Poland. Unfortunately, this mission is clearly obstructed and sometimes undone, through the activity of those political and financial subjects, which are forcefully trying to idealize this problem and use poor people as a political argument.

In the first place I mean those Brussels politicians among them who use their brutal administrative actions to replace sensitivity, who associate providing a refuge to immigrants with fines. It is impossible, it breaches sovereignty of membership countries, it raises natural social concerns and detest. Somebody who suggests such actions or shows a complete misunderstanding for mechanisms of social life, or cynically want to achieve other aims.

Other people bringing harm are ideologists of the extreme leftist party, who perceive the human tragedy, among both victims of the war and poverty, as a chance for deconstruction of the social system in these countries which have maintained their Christian character. They know it as they have already experienced it in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and many other countries, that implementing a big group of a different culture and religion, changes the construction of the society. Then it is more difficult to find a consensus about the presence of Christianity and priests in the public space, and every moment of present cross becomes problematic. Hence, in my opinion, there is such a pressure on Poland about accepting immigrants.

And the third element – Berlin and Moscow, that is, enormous amounts of money and influential politics. German state elites are looking at the issue of immigration in a very pragmatic way. They find it very necessary for further economic expansion, cheap labour force. But, certainly, not everybody ‘is suitable’. And it is impossible to let everybody in, and once opened door is difficult to close later. Hence there is an idea to send those who are useless to other countries of Europe. Whereas Moscow is intensifying the war in Syria and the humanitarian crisis, because it sees a factor weakening Europe in it.

And it is going on and on. Everything is going in a bad direction. The deep human tragedy was limited to political issues. First refugees were mixed with economic immigrants, then an immoral plan was made up to use the humanitarian crisis in an ideological campaign. As a result, the great effort of thousand people of good will and Church is made impossible every day. Because, logically speaking, the world knows how to solve such problems. It is necessary to do everything so that there would be peace in Syria. It is necessary to do everything to help those survive, who had to escape from the areas where there is war. It is necessary to rebuild destroyed villages and cities. And those who need professional medical care, should receive possibility of treatment in European hospitals. Generally, it is simple and when we listen to pope Francis and bishops carefully, we will hear they suggest it. However, cynical political players have their own interests and do not feel like listening.


„Niedziela” 22/2017

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