It is fearful to open newspapers. It is getting dangerous in the world, and our European Union is concentrated on its matters. It is not even clear if it is still remembers that a few years ago it received the Noble Peace Prize. Now it is fighting with the so-called populists. It is absorbed mainly in it. However, if somebody wanted to accuse it of a lack of initiatives, he may expect a substantive counter-attack. For, recently, a vice-president of the European Commission Frans announced an initiative of changing the Civilian, European initiative – certainly. It is included in the Lisbon Treaty. It took two years to elaborate executive provisions for it. It is five years since it has been able to bring citizens closer to the Union. After all, it was the intention of creating it. It turned out that the mechanism is extremely complicated. Only three initiatives have met formal conditions during the last five years, one of which was rejected by the European Commission. Being neglected, and here the issue concerns an important initiative ‘One of us’ concerning protection of human embryos. A few dozen initiatives registered in Brussels failed. After five years the bright eye of Timmermans noticed it. Hence there is a new initiative of the initiative. An outline will be presented in autumn.

Maybe this time is needed to implement two other initiatives of its supervisor, that is, Jean-Claude Juncker. The chief of the European Commission began to hold his post with an initiative of economic awakening of EU. He presented a program of a jokingly-sounding name ‘Plan of Juncker’. Its basis was an injection of EU grants for specifically formulated projects. However, facing Brexit, that is, an expected withdrawal of milliards British fees from the EU budget, the plan somehow stagnated. However, Juncker himself is not lazing and he has presented the so-called EU White Book recently, including five scenarios of the EU future. He appealed to all EU citizens to undertake discussions and choose one of them. Unfortunately, there is no information about any discussions in kindergardens, schools, at universities, for example during break times for meals, or in workplaces about the suggestions of Juncker and not only in Poland. There is silence in societies of other countries of our continent. At this time they are realizing their purposes in other initiatives – in those where they can deprive EU initiators of their current functions.


„Niedziela” 18/2017

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