Infanta Cristina is a Spanish ship which sailed off onto the territorial waters of Gibraltar. Whereas HMS Scimitar is a British ship which retreated the martial Spanish unit from there. For a conflict about Gibraltar began between two countries, in fact, the members of the European Union at that time. Who might have caused that dangerous conflict, than the heroic chief of the European Union Donald Tusk, known from not uncovered diplomatic abilities yet. Yes, the same who, as one of British MEPs noted, was nearly crying when being given a formal Brexit act. Soon after that, maybe engrossed in sob, he presented a divorce negotiation project of the Union with Great Britain. Whereas he had placed a notation in it, raising emotions in the British.

It says about the exclusion of the territory of Gibraltar, being under the supremacy of Britain for three hundred years, from the farewell decision of the treaty. Moreover, our main character raised a conflict from the previous millennium, encouraging Spain to claim for compensation for this historical ‘shortage’. Politicians connected with the governmental group in London predict that the prime minister Theresa May may decide to pursue an open war with Spain. Highly-ranked British officers claim that their military potential is three times higher than the Spanish one, so the matter may be completed very quickly. On the military way, certainly. Nie ukrywają, że niemal pewni są wsparcia wojskowego ze strony USA. The main lodger of Downing Street 10 expresses a strong opinion that without a democratically expressed will of the inhabitants of Gibraltar, the change of status quo is not possible.

Statements of the chief of minister of this country disperse all doubts. Not saving any words, he is scolding Spain and ….Tusk. So, wouldn’t it be appropriate to return to the moment of not far-distanced past and ask who elected him? Two and a half years ago, the prime minister of Great Britain at that time, David Cameron, publicly informed that Tusk was his candidate and it had been just him who had promoted him. Apart from the divagations concerning the previous decisions of the British prime minister with the chancellor of Germany, with whom he cooperated quite well, despite a lot of information provided by media, one must note that during the re-election, the chief of the European Council received support from the successor of Cameron, Theresa May, who had followed his approval in the Brexit negotiations. So she has got what she wanted, or, in fact they have.


„Niedziela” 17/2017

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