Heavy weapons often aimed against Poland in the EP were to be a kind of a preparatory volley for a proper attack, that is, implementing the famous article 7.

Frans Timmermans is wriggling. He had good intentions. He created himself as a defender of democracy in the European Union. After the evident going into the shadow by the chief of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker, he became the face of this super-government. The vice-president of the European Commission was doubling and tripling in Warsaw, and in his Commission, in the European Parliament, western media and….he had to come down off his high tone. Heavy weapons often aimed against Poland in the EP were to be a kind of a preparatory volley for a proper attack, that is, starting the famous article7. It means particular sanctions. In this case, depriving Poland of the right of speech in the EU Council, with a duty of paying milliard fees. However, it needs an agreement of all EU countries. Timmermans knows that there is no such an agreement. Being afraid of a disgrace, and also wanting to save face, he moved his little vendetta onto the forum of one of twenty EP commissions. So, instead of a shot from a heavy weapon, he had to remain satisfied with a hood detonation. – It is not too late yet to change the course direction and prevent more serious harms – Timmermans was scaring the Polish government at the recent meeting of the commission for civic freedoms in Brussels. This is another prelude to – as euro-parliamentary sparrows are tweeting – address the so-called problem of Poland to the EU Council. For, he is planning another test on the forum of EU ministers. If it fails, the Dutch commissioner will again feel frustrated. Because it is difficult to think that such a politician may care more about making career and his surname popular rather than about principles. Although….Five years ago, when Timmermans was an MP in the Dutch parliament, he strongly criticized the foreign minister of his country for the lack of a reaction to the statement of one of American politicians. The accusations concerned a scale of euthanasia carried out in Holland, which resulted in the fact that elderly people were afraid of being treated in their own country and are leaving for hospitals abroad. Soon after the extraordinary engagement of Timmermans, the government in Holland was changed, and he took the place of the recently criticized foreign minister. At present our hero cannot think about his country’s backyard. His party ‘tailed up’, gaining nearly 9 seats in the Dutch parliament – not long time ago did it have 38 of them. So, how can the vice-president of the European Commission play, when criticizing and attacking the Polish government? I do not think that he is dreaming about the post of the prime minister in the country at the Vistula.


„Niedziela” 15/2017

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