The capital of Belgium is, in fact, considered as the capital of united Europe – this is the place where there are the most important EU offices, such as, among the others, the European Parliament, and also the main headquarter of NATO. However, not everybody is aware that this ‘heart’ of EU is getting more and more muslim

Nearly 30 per cent of inhabitants in Brussels are believers of islam and the number of muslim followers is higher than the number of practicing Catholics. The capital of the country of such an excellent Christian history in the last decades is undergoing violent islamization, through which it already deserves to be named ‘Brussels state’. The world could see that when it was revealed that this is just the place from which the jihadists fighting in the ISIS armies are recruited, and from which Islam terrorists had come from who had committed assassinations in the Bataclan theatre in Paris on 13 November 2015 and in the Brussels underground and at the airport on 22 March 2016. However, the problem is that even the muslims who are not supporters of jihad and the so-called Islamic State, perceive the western society as something strange for them. Felice Sassetto, a professor at Louvain University, and an author of the book ‘L’iris et le croissant’ (iris as the symbol of Brussels and ‘croissant’ – a half moon as a symbol of Islam), states that the mulism speak about non-muslims: ‘they’ – ‘we’ – are muslims, the others are ‘they’. How did it happen that Belgium has undergone such a deep islamization, and its capital city became one of outpost for islamization in Europe?

Crude oil with islam

Rachid Madrane, a Belgium minister, a muslim, in an interview for the newspaper ‘La Libre’ stated that ‘the original sin of Belgium was giving “keys” of islam to Saudi Arabia in 1973 in order to provide itself with supply of energy’. In the 70s of the last century Belgium was inhabited by the first generation of immigrants being believers of islam and there were not muslim cult places then. But those were years of energy crisis which was well used by Saudi Arabia – in return for providing supplies of crude oil the Saudi rulers ‘convinced’ the Belgium authorities of many concessions for islam. This country was the first in the Western Europe to acknowledge muslim religion officially in 1974 and in the following year islam lessons were introduced in schools. The king of the Belgians Baudouin gave the Saudis ‘Pavillon du Cinquantenaire’ – one of the buildings on the exhibition areas of the city, next to headquarter of the EU authorities and Schuman square which were converted into the Great Mosque. It was opened in 1978 after a long renovation, in the presence of king Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Sauda and the Belgian monarch. At this moment Saudi Arabia began to have a strong influence on the muslim community not only in Brussels but also all over Belgium, mainly through preachers trained here and spread propaganda materials. Unfortunately, the Saudis are propagating the extreme interpretation of islam, called wahhabism which is to be a return to real roots of this religion. Wahhabism proclaims, among the others: absolute monotheism (‘tauhid’), rejection of everything which is not Islamic, prohibition of introducing foreign elements (‘bida’) and a military fight (‘jihad’). It is assumed that Saudi Arabia has spent over 60 milliard euro in the recent 35 years on promoting this ‘purified’ islam, whose consequences are seen all over the world. It became obvious that the modern Islamic terrorism takes its religious motivations just from wahhabism. At present the most radical preachers have an enormous influence on muslim societies, particularly on young muslims who are mostly culprits of terroristic assassinations. Last year on internet there appeared a film which shows a 15-year-old son of Imam ShayAlami walking along the streets of Verviers city and shouting: ‘Oh, Allah, kill the hideous Christians, kill all of them, do not leave anybody alive’. And the video appeared nearly two days after an assassination in Charleroi city where a young Algerian man injured two police women with a machete, shouting: ‘Allah abkar!’ (Allah is almighty!)

Certainly, this fact shows what is taught by the imams in European mosques. It is significant that most imams in Belgium and France prohibited their believers to celebrate Christmas and the New Year and say wishes on this occasion. It was revealed by one of French imams – Hocine Droiuiche who stigmatized his ‘colleagues’ saying that ‘islam of these imams is not real islam of peace and life. This is Bedouin and archaic islam’. But this is islam proclaimed in most mosques in Europe, whose activity is not controlled. And in mosques in Brussels one can hear that this city is ‘the capital city of non-believers’ (kuffar’).

Brussels district Molenbeek – mini caliphate in the heart of Europe

The world uncovered the Brussels district Molenbeek, when it was revealed publicly that Islamic terrorists and fighters fighting in Syria and Iraq came from it. This is a part of the city which is completely dominated by the muslims, which is governed by its own laws and is getting out of the control of the police. In order to understand how this situation happened, one must mention a socialist politician Philippe Moureaux, a son of the minister Charles Moureaux, a professor of philosophy at University in Liege, a senator, a vice-prime minister in the government of Willfried Martens, and also a councilor and then a mayor of Molenbeek district for 20 years (1992-2012). This is a real ‘star’ of anti-racist leftist party, a creator of ‘Moureaux law’, which punishes for acts considered as xenophobic. It was him who promoted a multicultural society and stood up for Islamic immigrants; as the first politician in Belgium, he was on local and regional electoral lists of muslims. He was keeping close relations with Islamic leaders and his political rallies in mosques. Moureaux was elected in other elections due to votes of Islamic immigrants, who under law established by the socialists could receive the Belgian citizenship without any restrictions. What was happening in Brussels and all over Belgium was described in the book ‘Lettre aux progressistes qui flirtent avec l’islam reac’ (A letter to progressives, who are flirting with reactive islam) dr Alain Destexhe, a doctor who worked in an organization ‘Doctors without Limits’ for years, and is a senator now. ‘Conspiracy of silence has been obliging for twenty years. In the centre of this system there was Philippe Moureaux a mayor of Molenbeek, a favourite of media, who became a real reference political and moral point, influencing policy of Brussels. He created an atmosphere of intellectual terror towards very few people who had opposed to him. Moureaux concluded that the future of socialism would depend on immigrants who would symbolically become a new proletariat’. The problem is that it was not permitted to criticize the leftist party and this terrible policy, because it was holding the authority and controlling mass media. And tragic consequences of the electoral strategy of the socialists based on using immigrants to hold its authority are visible today. ‘Belgium became the first country in Europe as for the number of the jihadists and Brussels is ‘a weak link’ in the fight with reactive islam’ – says dr Destexhe. In this way Belgian socialists, once famous for their anti-clericalism, contributed to creating mini-caliphate in their capital city, where radical imams are proclaiming the dominance of islam over the western decadent civilization more and more.

Hundreds of inhabitants of Molenbeek in Europe

Islamic Molenbeek is one of the quickest-developing districts of Brussels – during the last 15 years its population increased by 30 per cent, in the last 5 years – by 12 per cent. But islamization also concerns other districts and areas near the capital city like: Ville de Bruxelles, Schaerbeek, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode and Anderlecht. The short-sighted policy of multi-culture of elites governing Europe, favourable to ghettoization and radicalism of muslim communities which do not want to integrate, made districts-mini-caliphates in Molenbeek appear in a lot of countries of our continent.

A few years ago on the website of the Gatestone Institute there appeared an article signalizing the increasing number of city zones which became ‘no go’, that is, prohibited, for non-muslims, where the authorities lost their control over terrorism partly or completely.

For example – Islamic extremists dream of creating emirates in British cities inhabited by big communities of muslims such as: Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield and in the districts of London (Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets). In the streets neighbouring with the Tower Hamlets district once there were placed posters with the inscription: ‘You are entering the zone where sharia (Islamic law) is binding’. What is absurd is the fact that Islamic fanatics accuse those people of islamphobia and of ‘hatred crimes’ who dare to unmask their actions aimed at islamization of the country.

In Holland neighbouring with Belgium there are a few dozen dangerous zones such as: Kolenkit district in Amsterdam, Pendrecht, Het Oude Noorden and Bloemhof districts in Rotterdam, and in Utrecht Ondiep region. Whereas in Hague there is ‘sharia zone’ in Schilderswijk district –a terroristic group Hofstadt had its base here, which is responsible for the murder of a film-director Theo van Gogh.

In the Danish capital Copenhagen there is a suburb called Tingbjerg which is considered as the first ‘area controlled by sharia’. Whereas in Switzerland there is a case of Malmo where over 30 per cent of inhabitants are muslims – they inhabit immigrant districts such as Rosengard; Osama Krayem comes from here, who took part in an assassination on the underground in Brussels in 2016. Whereas in Berlin one of the biggest muslim ghettos is Neukolln, a mini-caliphate on the German land. In France we sometimes hear about riots on peripheries of big cities inhabited mainly by immigrants and their children. The French authorities admitted that in the country there were 751 ‘irritable’ city zones’ (‘zones urbaines sensibles’ – ZUS), and they are inhabited by about 5 million muslims.

As we can see, in Europe there are already a lot of districts such as Molenbeek – zones which muslim residents consider as ‘the land of islam’. We should remember about it in a situation when newer waves of refugees are appearing in EU countries, mostly muslims. A lot of them are escaping from a war and its dramatic consequences, but in most cases these are people who want to develop their economic situation in Europe and use the benefits of the western democracy and social care. The problem is that new immigrants do not usually want to ‘become’ Europeans, and in this way they want to inhabit old and new muslim ghettos, with all political and social consequences of this phenomenon. A lot of politicians, not only the leftist or liberal ones, seem not to perceive it and are still propagating the idea of multi-culture societies which may lead to a gradual islamization of Europe.

Oriana Fallaci, an Italian writer and journalist who died in 2006, once wrote that ‘this is emigration, not terrorism, which is the Trojan horse, which appeared in the West and will make Europe Eurabia. This is emigration, not terrorism which is a weapon used to conquer, destroy and kill us’. Fallaci was treated as a sinister Kasandra and very few people took her predictions seriously. Maybe it is worth doing it, until it is too late….


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