One of the first decisions of the new president of the USA Donald Trump was to withdraw financing from the state means of organizations promoting abortion abroad. By doing it, he put a cat among the pigeons. It did not take a long time for reactions. As the first alarm was raised by the Danish government, addressing a letter to the European Commission to assign complementing funds from the EU budget, among the others, for Planned Parenthood, the same which had been accused of trading unborn children’s bodies. In a special letter the Danish health minister, on behalf of its government, expressed her concern about the actions of the USA, putting a pressure on making free decisions on ‘one’s body and life’, also referring to the commitment of the European Commission resulting from the so-called ‘complementing a gap of decency’.

The letter was addressed also to most governments of EU countries. However, five countries were omitted, including Poland and Hungary. Apparently, they were included to the countries favoring the policy of Trump and, seemingly, not only in this sphere. And as for Hungary – by the way – the prime minister Viktor Orban made an interesting offer of asylum to the EU citizens who feel ‘the victims of liberalism, political correctness and unholiness’.

Vanguard Danes, however, went further, postulating including extra financing and promoting abortion for the program of informal debate of the Council in March this year. However, not wanting till March, debating in February, the European Parliament in Strasburg accepted a recommendation in which we read that it calls the Council ‘to condemn the prohibition imposed on international organizations, concerning receiving financial means from the American government for the sake of planning a family if they provide abortion services…’. Moreover, it demands starting the international fund. In a text, the name and surname of the USA president Donald Trump is mentioned, and his prohibition is defined as ‘an attack on rights of women and children’. Moreover, the European Union takes on an anti-American direction, and what is more, it has entered a route of abortion counter-revolution.


„Niedziela” 09/2017

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