During an informal summit meeting of the European Council on Malta, Donald Tusk announced that he would apply for remaining on the post of the chairperson of this organ for the second cadency. It was not surprising to me. A few months ago, his MEP colleagues from the Civic Platform were whispering proudly that Tusk had received support from chancellor Merkel, who is considered as his longtime protector. Hence, being anointed and protégé on Spree, Tusk neglects the Polish government. Its example can be his famous letter to the leaders of the European Union, in which, among dangers for the European Union, in the first place the president of Russia Vladimir Putin and the president of the USA Donald Trump are mentioned. Tusk admitted that as the chief of the European Union, he had consulted the text of the letter with the leaders of the EU countries, but the prime minister Beata Szydło revealed that he had not contacted her in this issue at all. According to the statement of Tusk, he had consulted the decision about his further candidature with the chiefs of EU countries governments. It turned out again that this fact did not concern the Polish government which was simply omitted.

Why to talk personally when somebody has such a powerful promoter? Angela Merkel arrived in Warsaw and in her talks among the others, with the chairman of the Law and Justice Party, touched on the issue of the career of Tusk. However, she heard definite ‘no’. The Polish government cannot support this candidature because it is ‘controversial’ (…), there are various proceedings in which there may be his political, legal and criminal responsibility’ and ‘Mr. Tusk did not ask the Polish government for support’. In fact, why would he ask for it? Similarly it is in a known anecdote about a hare which was writing an MA thesis entitled: ‘The hare as the strongest animal in the whole forest’. He sent every animal which laughed at the hare and the topic of his thesis, to a grove from where they ran away at once, being battered and having their coat torn off. Whereas the hare went on writing his thesis peacefully. Finally, an enormous bear came out of the grove and said: ‘The thesis and the graduate student are not important, but the promoter is more important’. Does it mean that our heroic hare, sorry, Donald Tusk, could hope for being treated in a similar way?


„Niedziela” 08/2017

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