EU sophisticated games and tricks, unfortunately, fail to go together with moods of Europe citizens.

Antonio Tajani – the representative of the biggest political group , that is, the European People’s Party, became a new chairperson of the European Parliament. In the final battle, he overcame the chief of the socialists Gianni Pittela. A lot proves that the biggest winner, however, may be the chairperson of the liberals, the former prime minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt, who, in fact, did not participate in the election. Indeed, in the beginning he presented his candidature but just before voting he withdrew it. He and other MEPs from his group supported Tajani. He made a written agreement in which both fractions committed to oppose to the nationalists and populists aiming at dismantling the European Union, both inside and outside. Both groups agreed to start a special mechanism disciplining disobedient countries of the Union, allegedly breaching the rule of law and basic rights. Names of the countries were not given but, it was obvious that it concerned Poland and Hungary.

The liberals also succeeded in personal issues. Verhofstadt was to gain guarantee of strengthening his position by the chairperson of the EP and a negotiator about Brexit. He has bargained a prestigious post of the chief of the conference of chairmen of the commission, which had been taken away from Jerzy Buzek. He has also enforced the candidature of two colleagues from his fraction for posts of vice-chairmen of the European Parliament. The European Conservatives and Reformers, who are a bigger group than the liberals, have only one vice-chairman. Verhofstadt also assured that chiefs of governments belonging to the liberals, would not oppose to prolonging the cadency of Donald Tusk as the chairperson of the European Council. However, it is possible what resounds in the EP lobby that when other governments oppose to it, Verhofstadt will try to replace Tusk. For, he is still not only in the game but also in the avant-garde of the so-called European actions. He is scaring with the president of the USA Donald Trump and points to directions of developing European integration. Undoubtedly, the chief of the liberals is a good political player although he leads a small political group. It is the fourth largest political group in the EP, in Europe it is losing popularity but in the EU institutions he has gained a lot. He has also caused a lot of chaos. The EU sophisticated games and tricks, unfortunately, fail to go together with moods of Europe citizens. It is clearly seen that they are aiming at breaking backstage systems, not at a stronger tightening the EU corset.


„Niedziela” 05/2017

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