Rightist and freedom parties in the European Union are perceived negatively. Nearly all of them. The real ones, which are authentic.

It does not concern the so-called rightist wing which is establishment-parlor and which is given similar labels, depending on the will and needs. One can only mention that in Brussels and Strasburg the Civic Platform is officially considered as the rightist party, and Donald Tusk connected with it, is considered in the western media as ‘a conservative’. However, here it is all about formations whose representatives have seats in the European Parliament on the right side of the plenary hall. They are called Euro-skeptics, populists. They are disturbing a lot, because they point out mistakes, mainly hypocrisy, of the so-called honest Europeans. They speak about it publicly that millions of EU citizens notice it. It must hurt. New details connected with the scandal Lux Lekas have just been pointed out in relation to the main person of the Union, that is, the chief of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. It turns out that as a prime-minister of Luxmebourg , Juncker was secretly blocking works of the Union on the common taxation, and now, as the chief of the most important body of the EU, being as fervent as a revolutionary, is supporting this solution. His predecessor, holding this post for 10 years, has just lost a possibility to enter the building of the European Commission in Brussels freely. He is treated as an ordinary lobbyist. Or maybe not as ordinary because he is dependent on a controversial financial institution Goldman Sachs which has been made responsible for the crisis in Greece. Over 10 years ago, with the initiative of my political group, this Jose Manuel Barroso had to justify his contacts with one of the richest Greeks – Spiros Latsis, his holiday spent on his luxurious yacht, which he had not recorded on a sheet of financial benefits, and by the way of EU grants for his business projects. The chief of the European Commission was very angry then. What aroused less emotions were public reminders made by a MEP Nigel Farage that Barroso had been Maoist before. Formally this extremely important post in the Union was held by him as a candidate of the European People Party, defined as Christian Democrats and the rightist party. From its political appointment, their functions are held by Juncker and Tusk. At present this formation is based on the post of the chief of the European Parliament and is getting prepared for a fight with socialists. The second largest group is opposing and demands re-negotiations about earlier secret lobbying contracts. Their important argument is melting defence of the ‘rightist’ partner. Indeed, in comparison with the former cadency, a group of the European People Party, although it remained the biggest one, it lost the highest number of MEPs. Instead, other groups: conservative, rightist and freedom ones got stronger. In the European Parliament they are verbally attacked and depreciated. They do not have a chance to break trends practiced for years. However, a contact with citizens and authentic understanding and representing their will raise them higher and higher than the EU snare.


„Niedziela” 03/2017

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