If it was so ideal, why are they leaving?

The ending year 2016 will undoubtedly be associated with Brexit in the history of the European Union. In June the society of Great Britain made a decision in a referendum: we are leaving the European Union. Immediately after this act, discussions on its consequences began. For Great Britain is one of the biggest net tax-payers to the EU budget. English language is the main official language – will it be degraded? So, concerns are justified, but nobody is able to foresee how it will be after the divorce. However, this consequence appeared at once.

This is the enormous loss of the EU image. Its previous main decision-makers had been swaggering, giving lessons to others, had let or forbidden others to cooperate with them, had given or taken away funds, had threatened others. They strongly believed that they would create the best organization in the history of the world. (it was formulated so in an interview with me by a prominent German MEP, who had been a promoter of Euro-constitution for years). Shortly speaking – they thought that they were democracy. Living with belief about their superiority, they were creating EU ideology, even religion. On behalf of nearly whole humankind, they undertook a fight with alleged global warming, climatic changes of our globe, redefinition of sexes, that is, gender ideology, as well as redefinition of family and many other terms. A lot of instructions were edited, concerning, among the others, proper walking up a ladder, measuring the amount of water in toilets and urinals, not mentioning measuring the angle of a banana bending. The Union was indicating standards, was teaching lessons to the governments and nations all over the world – both the small and the big ones, including the United States. The latter ones have been scolded by the Union for years for breaching human rights in the context of a fight with terrorism. A lot of countries dreamt to become a member of the European Union which was presented as a land abundant with milk and honey, that is, the last bond of happiness in the history of the world. In other words: Let this moment last! May other nations envy us. May them learn. Whatever criticism of the Union was unacceptable, it was not understandable for EU heads. Skeptics were treated not as the opposition, which does not exist officially in the European Parliament, as a matter of fact, but – as the mentally ill who should receive medical help. For, how to treat individuals who do not want happiness? Should they be isolated or hospitalized? Slowly EU decision-makers began to lose proletarian vigilance. They closed their eyes to changing trends and their mistakes. The British referendum became their crowning. The whole world was overwhelmed by the message that Great Britain was leaving the European Union. If it was so ideal, why are they leaving?

This question is asked automatically, and for the European Union this is a failure of its image, a deep wound which is not easy to powder.


„Niedziela” 01/2017

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