If America resigns from the world leadership, it will be replaced by China

The victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election in the USA caused a lot of comments. Some people – ‘politically correct’ – think that it is a tragedy, others – think differently. When years ago the election in the USA was won by Ronald Reagan, the so-called establishment accused him of being too old and a would-be actor, having unrealistic program harmful for America and the world and looking for power in politics at his old age. However, he passed into history as a prominent president who led to overthrowing communism. Certainly, this is not a simple analogy but it is worth noting that these comments which appear in the beginning of presidency or a kind of prejudices or stereotypes often make it difficult to evaluate what really happened in America.

And a lot points to the fact that a historical change has appeared in America. The Americans supported the direction of changes and return to values which had formed their homeland, and departure from policy which had been suggested by the establishment – the generation of cultural revolution and gender ideology. This ‘generation ‘68’ is the seedbeds of a new social engineering in which ‘new laws’ are distilled, on contrary to the traditional ones. Today this group has enormous influences in intellectual, university, media, cultural, political, business and banking groups on both sides of the Atlantic and it imposes, for example, permissiveness, killing the unborn as ‘women’s rights’, affirmation of homosexuality, gender ideology. Whereas in the USA the candidate won who -on contrary to Hillary Clinton, the most known promoter of death civilization – does not support abortion or gender ideology.

One of two cardinals from the United States working in the Vatican curia – Raymond Lea Burke emphasized that the election results were a warning for political leaders, so that they would listen to people more carefully. According to him, the Americans had realized how serious situation their country was in, when their basic good things, such as life, family, or religious freedom are endangered. And in this context the Catholics could vote for Donald Trump in good conscience, because on the basis of what he had said, one could hope that he would somehow serve to the common good. His pronouncements about protection of life, family and religious freedom show that he is ready to listen to what the Church says and understands that these are the basic moral not just religious issues. However, cardinal Burke warned that as for the issues differing Trump and the Church, the Catholics are obliged to express their opposition.

What we know, administration of Trump will rebuild the way of thinking about politics and values. The return to the so-called American dream is announced – that is, to the way of thinking about such a country which refers to checked values, which is a rich, safe country, making it possible for everybody to have equal opportunities; the country in which everybody can find themselves and which is also a leader of the free world.

It is also worth noting that in Moscow, for the time being, we cannot see any enthusiasm after the election of Donald Trump. Political elites there treat him as an American ‘nationalist’, that is, a person who is going to build the power of the United States on the global scene. From this point of view Donald Trump is not going to be such an easy partner. The new president will have to – paradoxically speaking – despite his announcements! – deactivate America on the world scene. At this moment there are problems of Russia – at least for us, in Central Europe, and China. If America resigns from the world leadership, it will be replaced by China, and then it will be without any doubts that freedom of Taiwan will be very controversial in the perspective of the nearest years. Whereas if there was an act of connecting Taiwan with China, it would become the first economic powerful country in the world, and then realization of ‘American dream’ would be unreal.


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