The election of Donald Trump is not approved of by EU decision makers

‘Trump card’ is translated into Polish as ‘atu’, that is, a colour in cards, which overlaps all colours. In the United States Trump Donald overcame all other candidates and at the final stage – a representative of the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton. His victory may turn out dangerous also for EU decision makers. Indeed, soon after announcing the election results in the USA, congratulations came from Brussels, Berlin and other capital cities, but a lot of people are not able to accept the election by the Americans. When there was still presidential campaign, the chairman of the European Parliament Martin Schulz was predicting that ‘Trump is a problem not only for the European Union, but also for the whole world’. He also expressed hope publicly that Hilary Clinton would win. Being irreplaceable in his diplomatic finesse, the chairman of the European Council Tusk, also Donald, quoted words of his own wife on Twitter: ‘One Donald is definitely enough’. She thought, certainly, about her husband who spread her thought in English. Donald Trump, the president of the USA, may read it himself. Whereas the chairman of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said publicly: ‘We should not regulate relations with the United States anew only because we do not like the result of the election done by the nation’. So, we see it clearly – the election of Donald Trump is not approved of by EU decision makers. Moreover, Trump expressed objections about the functioning of the European Union, which he defined as ‘very bureaucratic and very troublesome’. He was glad also about the decision of the British society about Brexit. The main advocate of the exit of the Great Britain from the Union Nigel Farage supported Donald Trump in the campaign, whose victory warmed up hopes of rightist and conservative parties, critical towards the Union. It particularly concerns France, where the National Front is growing in power, with Marine Le Pen at the helm. Establishment politicians in France began to feel fear. The former prime minister of this country stated that ‘the victory of Trump showed how our arrogance is pernicious and how far we are from reality’. However, will the politicians of such a rank be able to get over their prejudices and what is more important: draw proper conclusions?


„Niedziela” 47/2016

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