We have harrdly recovered from the assassinations in Brussels, when every several days we are informed about the new ones. After the bestial overrunning tens of innocent people in Nicea by a driver – jihad of an enormous truck, it turns out that the gloomy terroristic series of assassinations is still going on. Recently in the German Ansbach, a Syrian man staying there, committed a bombing assassination injuring 12 people. According to information of the police, the culprit ‘vowed faithfulness to the Islamic State’(IS), and earlier he was not deported ‘for humanitarian reasons’. Well, such an attitude of the authorities does not only encourage but also emboldens potential followers. Two days earlier in Munich a young man of Iran origin shot 9 people. In most cases the youth, aged 14, 17, were victims….In this case the authorities were keen on informing that there was no evidence for his connection with the IS. There were suggestions about his mental imbalance, which did not disturb the culprit to use the weapon. Unfortunately, that is not all. On the day when I am writing this text we are shocked by another information about a bestial murdering a priest in France in Normandy. Two so-called ‘fighters of the Islamic State’ attacked a 86-year-old parish priest in the church. According to a report of a nun witnessing it, one of terrorists was trying to slit the throat of the priest, having knocked him to his knees before, while another one was filming it. It turned out that a 18-year-old terrorist had been known to the French authorities before, and had even been arrested for planning terrorist assassinations. The local Ordinary bishop, being in Cracow on the World Youth Days, called the bestial act ‘abjection’ and returned to his diocese in France. Pope Francis, getting prepared for his journey to Poland, plunged into ‘pain and fear’, condemning the assassination. These are Christian human reactions which do not free politicians of particular European and EU countries from their responsibility. They should motivate them more to change the current course of the wrong migration policy accepted before, and also the ideological insanity contained in the term ‘multi culture’. Knowing the Brussels realities, it is, however, difficult to hope for a serious reflection of EU decision-makers. So, they must be simply removed and replaced by another political format, as it happened in Poland with the Civic Platform party, which had been ruling not up till now and favoured the mentioned establishment.


„Niedziela” 32/2016

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