In a referendum campaign, Teresa May, similarly as Cameron, opted for staying in the structures of the Union

Cameron is resigning from his post. The prime minister of Great Britain announced his dismissal soon after his announcing the referendum result in relation to the exit of his country from the European Union. When the Tories suggested their new candidate, he did it immediately. From a formal point of view, Cameron incured a big, spectacular, political defeat. From the beginning he was a fervent supporter of maintaining Great Britain in the European Union. Being under the pressure of the society and politicians of not only his party for many years, he announced organizing a referendum and led to it. In the campaign he was definitely calling for citizens’ voting for ‘remaining’ in the Union. Most of them had a different opinion. So, Cameron resigned from his post, but, what is more important, he showed respect to the will of the nation. He did not surrender to any suggestions to organize another referendum, postpone his dismissal or maneuver. He stated that such a plebiscite is organized once a generation and the case is closed. His successor – in a referendum campaign, Teresa May, similarly as Cameron, opted for staying in the structures of the Union, but now she says that it is no time for any discussions again, and she announces that she intends to change Brexit into a success. How right the main politicians of the European Union appear on this background. Before that they did not listen to Cameron who had insisted on thorough institutional reforms of the Union. He opposed to the candidacy of Jean-Claude Juncker for the post of the chairman of the European Commission. As one of German euro-deputies reminded in the plenary hall of the European Parliament in Strasburg, we are facing the divorce of Great Britain with the Union, but, as he added – there are rarely divorces from the fault of only one side. Therefore in the Parliament there was voting for an amendment for the dismissal of the chief of the Commission. It was rejected. It strengthened good frame of mind not only of Juncker but also the chairman of the European Council Donald Tusk and the chairman of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, who do not feel guilty for this divorce. The following words, said last year, have been reminded to the latter one till today: ‘the spirit of the European community must be imposed by force if necessary’. As one sees, this style was not accepted by David Cameron, who opted for the spirit of democracy.


„Niedziela” 30/2016

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