I am sorry to write it but everything proves that if considering a historical image in the eyes of other nations, we are in the bottom. Not only the New York liberal newspapers but even a Belarusian Noble-prize winner Swietłana Aleksijewicz allow themselves for changing Poles from German crimes victims into perpetrators. The writer announced that Poles, including Catholic priests, had pioneered in repressions directed against the Jewish people during the Second World War. Asked about the source of this completely mendacious thesis – she pointed out to a known Polish journalist. What editorial office can this ‘information giver’ work, we can guess easily. Another information from the last days: an announcement of a sensational American film about contemporary Nazis was pictured with white-red flags. What is interesting, here there is no connection with the content of the film. Whereas the intention of making a false picture of Poles. Anyway there is no week when there would not be a similar information.

Here, in the pop-culture we are becoming an icon of criminals and degenerates from victims of the German and Soviet barbarism. Whereas Polish priests, of whom every fifth was murdered during the war, are deprived of dignity even after their death. Even German journalists use the phrase ‘Polish death camps’, although they cannot excuse themselves with lack of knowledge. I am sure that their granddads and grandmas managed to tell them who was holding authority on Polish lands at that time.

We are losing this battle for history and it has got a very particular political and economic price. The world is still built in the way it was designed after the Second World War. At that time defined borders have their source in the attitude of media at that time. It is clear that if one wants to question the borders today, one must falsify the picture of the events of the year 1945. So, I am not astonished that the German historical politics is working on cleansing its own faults and blame Poles with them. This anti-Polish propaganda also states that solidarity of other nations was breached by our country. Who will want to defend his country who has allegedly been remembered so because of the war, and also does not want to admit it, stubbornly states that things were different?

Unfortunately, to a larger extent, we are guilty ourselves. We allowed for a situation in which ministerial children continue the anti-Polish propaganda in media of the Third Polish Republic, and are finansed a lot for it by state companies. We allowed for a situation in which false films, like ‘Aftermath’ or ‘Ida’ are made from money of a Polish tax-payer. I will remind that Polish embassies were promoting both films with eagerness worth a better issue. We also sinned with negligence, for example, by making it possible for Gross’ lies to spread all over Europe. There were very few signs of counteracting by Polish institutions. Certainly, when I am writing ‘we’, I mean the former Polish authorities, awarded for all this with luxurious posts, but – whether we want it or not – they were also our authorities.

If we do not do something, nobody will forgive us. Our ancestors whom the German barbarism deprived of everything, what they had had, all their plans and dreams, and often life as well, to whom it had brought unimaginable sufferings, they will not forgive us further negligence. We also owe the truth to the future generations. Here there may not be any place for rotten compromises. Nor a zloty from the public resources may get to people who deal with production of lies about their own nation. Whereas those who are ready to undertake actions returning the truth, must be suitable supported. Similarly, the Polish school must return to the mission of patriotic upbringing. And there is no reason to worry about cries or mockery. Protesters have already got what they had deserved, did what they wanted and it is already clear what effects it brought. Not a dialogue, not purification, not understanding, but ordinary filthy lies. That’s enough! We are in the bottom and the change of this state of things is the most urgent national task.


„Niedziela” 29/2016

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