I was returning to Poland by plane from Strasbourg, with a stopover in Frankfurt. A huge airport, lots of TVs, and news live on them. I spoke Angela Merkel, and beneath the screen bar with its main written message: "House of Europe remains open." This meant that Germany was going further. Anyway it does not intend to correct the wrong immigration policy, in which it "cheats" the entire European Union. The German government still relies on Turkey, hoping that, under the EU-Turkey agreement, Turkey will stop waves of immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, which will allow Germany to get out of the whole situation with face. However, not only Germany but the whole Union pays a huge price for it, opening up to the citizens of Turkey. Until the end of June the EU is to abolish visas for nearly 79 million Turks.

They will be able to travel freely to almost all EU countries. For this it is necessary to consult with the European Parliament. The majority of MEPs is against. They expressed it precisely during a debate in Strasbourg. There are many concerns. From the technical problems of verification time of their stay and possible deportation, the socio-cultural and religious, or even Islamization. Right-wing politicians remind that the Union has Christian roots and the free flow of Muslims into Europe will completely change the cultural face. The threat is real, especially that EU policymakers for years are removing traditional European values by launching new utopian ideologies. Time passes, and both parties - the EU and Turkish - are becoming nervous.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has threatened to break the agreement. And if so, is the failure of current policies Merkel with the EU (how to put it Rzecki Ignatius novel "Doll" by Boleslaw Prus)- is not a delusion. Many MEPs ask whether there is plan B in the EU and a plan, not only in terms of immigration? Are we prepared for the scenario of leaving our heroic EU organization by the UK, whether we have an answer to the spectrum Frexitu, that is,a referendum on the exit of France from the EU, or another financial "meltdown" in Greece?

Have you even considered a serious new alternative form of European integration? Just in case you can freshen ideas of its creators and founders, such as Robert Schuman (former French Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Alcide de Gasperi (former Italian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs), who, incidentally, are candidates for the saints of the Roman Catholic Church. Their processes of beatification are in progress. These people created the European Community, slightly different from today's Union. The society called themselves Christian Democrats, in their personal lives they radiated with what we call holiness. Referring to the public and private space for a truly European, or Christian values they did not need to be bothered with a plan B.


„Niedziela” 22/2016

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