Feeling deceived, the German society begins to turn away from the biggest traditional political formations

Democracy is the government of demos, that is, of people. This system should lead to expose a political representation of people, which reflects their opinions and makes decisions in agreement with them. Therefore, most political groups present their programs before elections. However, what if there appear challenges during the governing, which have not been considered earlier? Then one should ask people about it. It can be done in various ways. Beginning with the so-called social consultations, personal talks, surveys, multi-lateral commission, through discussions on radio, TV and internet, till a referendum.

The last means is considered as perfect and treated as a reserve for the most essential issues. However, when in Germany the euro currency was accepted, the chancellor then Helmut Kohl admitted that the German society would have rejected this solution in a referendum. He knew it on the basis of unofficial investigations. So, it was better to avoid a referendum and in fact, against most Germans’ will, abolish Mark currency and introduce the new euro currency.

This kind of cynical politics, deriving from neglecting the so-called old-fashioned people by conceited elites, sooner or later brings a hiccup effect. The formation which once uses a similar maneuver, is forced to step further into it. It was so with inviting immigrants by chancellor Angela Merkel and opening borders of Germany and European Union, despite the binding provisions. Merkel did it by one person. She had not asked anybody about it – neither the German society, nor Bundestag, nor European Parliament. However, she wants to share the consequences with everybody and is forced to conceal the truth even from her citizens, referring to censorship, like after the assault on women in Koln by immigrants on the New Year’s Eve. As a result, feeling deceived, the German society begins to turn away from the biggest traditional political formations, giving a chance to the third power – an Alternative for Germany (AfD). Although it is not in Bundestag and cannot prove its particular achievements, people vote for it, arguing that at least ‘it is said as it is’.

So, the power is reliable, and, first of all, it listens to citizens, including those who meet immigrants every day and are fed up with them. The effect of the lack of listening to the voice of the society could be observed also in Poland a few months ago. The governing formation, called proudly as ‘civic’, stopped listening to and asking citizens to such an extent that it was defeated by the society. Those who are holding authority and taking pride in the greatest social trust should remember about these lessons all the time. For, it is never useless to ask people.


„Niedziela” 15/2016

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