German politicians got extremely concerned about freedom of media in Poland. We can even say that they are competing in formulating interesting phrases in a medial way. Whereas they all are immediately transported to our country. However, the problem is that they do not match our reality at all, which is even noticed by sobbing victims of the reigns times of the Civic Platform and Polish Peasant Party. Criticizing others and demanding changes, Germany has got the attention of not only those who want to imitate it. in the very beginning of the year, the new year’s eve setback. It turned out that refugees invited to Germany by the chancellor Angela Merkel, decided just at the New Year’s night to make women in Koln ‘culturally enriched’, as well as in Hamburg and Stuttgart. Over half a thousand women reported being harassed and raped. The German police did not react. It was in vain to search for information about the cases in German media, when they had been comprised with censorship. I mean, how can it be possible to destroy the myth of an extremely successful multi-culture? When milk has been spilt and the truth has been revealed through social portals, an editor of the known German television ZDF admitted to the fault, apologizing viewers. Obviously, there were attempts to conceal facts unfavourable to the German government. Despite big objections to functioning of the medial market in Poland, it is even difficult to imagine similar practices at the Vistula. Strangely enough, it was not the condition of German but Polish public media which arouses concern of German-European politicians. One of them, a commissioner of digitalization Gunther Oettinger, insisted that in relation to endangered freedom of public media in Poland, we will be deprived of the truth and, therefore, our country will have to comprised with ‘special supervision’ of the European Commission. The politician, saying these words, had been the prime minister of Badenia-Wirtembergia before, and became popular thanks to the post-mortal praising remembrance of his predecessor Hans Filbinger. The latter one was a member of SA and NSDAP and a Nazis judge, giving verdicts of death penalty to deserting German soldiers (among the others, Walter Groeger), commanded the execution, too, shouting: ‘Fire!’. Although presently caring about the truth Oettinger used to say that ‘Hans Filbinger was not a national socialist. He was an opponent of Nazis regime. (…), did not give any verdict in which somebody would lose his life’. His words aroused outrage. But, well, after the war, Filbinger, similarly as Oettinger, made a career in CDU. The latter one became a commissioner and at present, on behalf of the European Union, he wants to supervise Poland. He was trying to persuade others to it, maybe Swiss or Denmark, or maybe Great Britain? Here the exemplary medial market, although the BBC station, shown as an example, was the first one to have laid censorship on Katyń… Well, but at that time there was war, and now, we probably live in all-friendly European Union.


„Niedziela” 4/2016

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