I have just returned from Brussels. I have brought several dozen photos and characteristic pictures from the fortnight stay. Army in the streets. On nearly every pavement commandos armed from head to toe, and military transporters on every crossroad. Full alarm of fire, hands on guns all the time. One can see that they are ready to shoot at any time. It applies the highest level of terrorist threat.

For a few days of November the capital city of Belgium looked as if it was dead. Security services were looking for Islamic assassins with belts filled with explosive materials. They found the belts and terrorists disappeared. However, life has its own rights. Here schoolchildren are going with their class teachers. Among about 50 children, maybe there are 15 white ones. An inhabitant of the city says that it is standard. White people are slowly becoming a minority.

I am visiting churches in Brussels. In the enormous cathedral, everything seems to be as it used to be, but one only needs an hour to understand the tragedy of Christianity in this formerly Catholic country. Now the cathedral has mainly functions of a museum, exhibition and a market. There is a separate place for prayer. The Holy Mass is attended only by five people. Instead, outside the cathedral there are irritating eastern, Islamic sounds of some street musicians. However, stickers on street posts and signs see danger somewhere else. They call everyone for a fight with ‘fascism’.

Certainly, decorations of this all are still beautiful. Shops windows shine with gold and luxury. Richness gathered by former generations of the Belgians, excellent tenement houses and royal castles, neighbor with richness of the contemporary times and palaces of European bureaucracy. Although the last ones are fenced off from the city with newer barriers. The motif is obvious – fear against assassinations.

It is clearly seen that in this ‘heart of Europe’, as Brussels advertises itself, there is something wrong. This is one of many examples, that implementation policy of compact Islamic groups from western cities has brought a bad result, different from the intended one. Instead of friendly variety there is hostility. Instead of openness, there is closing borders. Instead of a dialogue of religions, there is a bloody attack of Islam.

EU leaders walk in the streets of this city and see it as well. However, instead of drawing conclusions, and concentrating on helping people who are experiencing a harm where they live, and where they would like to stay, they want to move them to Europe by force. Blind and deaf to arguments, they are becoming more aggressive. It is not just persuasion or EU babble, but a brutal blackmail. It is not just a request, but an order: you are to let Islamic immigrants enter your countries. And when it turned out that skeptics were right, that among culprits of recent assassins in Paris there were people who had been let in, as alleged ‘refugees’, this information was simply silenced.

It is seen more and more clearly that the purpose of the whole operation is not any help to harmed people, but the change of social structure of European countries. Groups of immigrants are still moving the political stage. Language of referring to a religious and national community is becoming impossible because it allegedly insults minorities. And the very minorities always vote for leftist parties, building their permanent electoral prevalence. At the end of this road, there is something about which European leftist group has always dreamt: empty churches and a lonely, helpless man, deprived of support in a family, nation and faith, a consumer, easy to manipulate. A person who will be ready to kill others for harmed frogs, but will consider murdering unborn children as ‘human right’.

One does not have an illusions that there is also such a plan towards Poland and Poles. Changes which have been taking place in Poland recently, are not convenient for their authors. They will do everything to destroy democratically elected authorities. They have powerful tools, but they do not have to succeed. Everything depends on us, on our engagement in public matters in the forthcoming year. We should remember what stake it is.


„Niedziela” 51/2015

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