A wide opening of Europe door and encouragement for everyone, who is called a refugee, to arrive, is a present for terrorists.

The chairperson of the European Parliament Martin Schulz invited all euro-deputies and employees of our Chamber to the plenary hall in Brussels. At 3 p.m. there was a short, about 15-minute sad ceremony. We celebrated the memory about inhabitants of Paris, who were killed during the terrorist attack, with a minute of silence. Before that Schulz gave a speech. He said, among the others, that everyone of us might have been among those victims, and that now we would defend peace, tolerance, freedom than ever before, and fight for democracy. There were chairmen of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the chief of the EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini. At the beginning everybody sang ‘Marseillaise’, and at the end a violinist played ‘Ode to joy’, although I did not notice joy on any faces. This beautiful fragment of the composition by Ludwik van Beethoven, treated by euro-deputies as an informal hymn of the European Union reminded that this is just irreformable, that is, extra-legal immigration policy of the Union contributed to the tragedy in Paris. Certainly, neither Schulz nor Juncker, nor Angela Merkel want to admit it. A wide opening of Europe door and encouragement for everyone, who is called a refugee, to arrive, is a present for terrorists. It turned out that just one of culprits of the Paris massacre used documents of a Syrian refugee who had been earlier registered in the so-called hot-spots, that is, verification centres. Only this year have over 1.2 million of alleged refugees arrived at our country within an uncontrolled migration. How many terrorists and lieutenants are among them? Unfortunately, I am afraid that we can gradually gain this knowledge in next months, in circumstances similar to the tragic evening in Paris. For, it is difficult to assume that trained terrorists will not use EU naivety, not to say – stupidity. Stigmatizing countries leaders who perceive the problem and undertake adequate actions with closing themselves in the Brussels aquarium of EU newspeak, in practice leads to a tragedy of many people. Terrorism specialists, and also chiefs of special services of many countries warn us against other attacks. And what steps were planned by politicians gathered in the plenary hall of the European Parliament in Brussels and the ones walking in the silence march 10 months ago in Paris after the attack on editors of the magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’? At that time in the European Parliament also memory about the victims was celebrated. It is a beautiful gesture but can we afford it? With such a format of EU leaders, we can only, unfortunately, await with fear when they will invite us for another minute of silence again.


„Niedziela” 48/2015

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