Camouflage has been included In the nature of genocidal machine

A litmus paper of real intentions of every authority or organization is an attitude to human life. Not plants or animals’ life but man’s life from his conception to natural death. Nearly nobody will admit his supporting killing. It concerns not only supporters of the so-called abortion, euthanasia but even former criminals of the German sign of Nazism. Most of them use a method of verbal camouflage. In Nazis Germany a lot was said about necessity of providing ‘life space’ (Lebensraum). Pogroms and genocides of the Jews in 1938 were called ‘A crystal night’(Kristalnacht). Despite the enormous scale of Holocaust, even today historians cannot find a documented command of the planned extermination of the Jews. For, the terms ‘evacuation’ and ‘special treating’ were used. Camouflage has been included In the nature of genocidal machine. I am thinking about it when I read a ‘Written Statement’ in the European Parliament, edited by euro-deputies from the socialistic, liberal, communist and the greens’ groups. It is entitled: ‘about dignity at the end of life’. Authors state that ‘right for life in dignity also means right for death in dignity’. Therefore, they demand that all citizens of the European Union, ‘being in an advanced or terminal stage of incurable illness’ could ‘ use medical help in order to finish their life with dignity’. How beautifully it sounds, and it concerns legal sanctioning possibilities of killing suffering people. If this statement is supported by more than a half of 750 euro-deputies, it will be passed to the European Commission and Council. Indeed, it will not be an official attitude of our Chamber, but it will maintain the state of de-informing chaos. The initiative is contradictory with the former statement of the European Tribunal of Human Rights from 2002 which rejected a husband’s request who wanted to help his incurably ill wife in her suicide. The Tribunal stated then that such an act breaches even five articles of the Convention about Human Rights Protection and Basic Freedoms. However, it edited this statement seven years before the implementation of the Basic Rights Charter of the EU, to which the so-called dignity supporters plead. However, they seem to omit the official attitude of the EU, expressed by the EU commissioner for justice, basic rights and citizenship Viviane Reding, who stated that right concerning euthanasia ‘is not in the sphere of EU competences’. Let’s remind that on the ground of the Polish law, euthanasia is prohibited and defined as genocide. So, what can fighting European initiators do? They will still reach for redefining terms, that is, camouflage.


„Niedziela” 46/2015

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