In the European Union, nearly everything is manually limited, often not only to the disadvantage of the common sense, but, first of all, citizens. It painfully touches inhabitants of our country more and more frequently, especially fishermen. Recently it has been decided that next year 2016 the Union will reduce the limit of fishing of cod for Poland by 20 per cent, in comparison to the current year. As a result of earlier imposed limits, Polish fishermen were forced to leave their boats in ports. Indeed they got damages for it, but losses turned out to be incomparably higher. At this time, on the waters of the Baltic sea, fishing was done by big industrial units, most of which sailing under the Swedish or Danish flag. What is more, they were doing it in an uncontrolled way. They also caused depletion and devastation of the population of cod. It led to an unexpected phenomenon, which is called ‘a thin cod’ by specialists. This is a fish which is not suitable for processing, and its size and lack of fat results from the ecologic imbalance on the Baltic sea. On the one hand, EU decision-makers leniently look at this harmful phenomenon, but, on the other hand they are tormenting Polish fishermen. They are sending crowds of controllers to them, demanding restrictive keeping limits to fishing. Before that fishermen were also forced to throw away fish into the sea, caught beyond the limit and which later died because of the rupture of natatorial follicle. EU clerks have aspirations to control and regulate every action of a fisherman, including deciding about colours of flags attached to fishing nets. If, during fishing of cod, a fisherman catches a dozen other fish, for example, salmon and a EU controller notices it, the fisherman will be punished with a fine of many thousand zlotys. Similar punishments touched Polish cow keepers, who milked too much milk and must pay high fines to the EU for exceeding limits. Many Polish planters of sugar beet do not pay any fines because sugar plants were liquidated due to accepted limits earlier, and, consequently, plantations disappeared. At present the latest popular way of liquidation is division of emigrants arriving in crowds to the borders of the Union, called refugees. Recently, the chief of the Euro-group announced that every country refusing to accept imposed limits of Muslim immigrants, would be deprived of EU grants in other areas, for example, coherence. It is worth noting that in the Russian language, our European country of happiness is called ‘Ewropejskij Sojuz’. In the past there was a different ‘Sojuz’ – the Soviet one. Various limits were imposed also there, including the limits on food which led to an enormous tragedy.


„Niedziela” 45/2015

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