Muslims are trying to enforce their traditional values, also with the usage of violence. Their first victims are the Christians.

Is it the truth that instead of 7 thousand refugees, we are to accept 100 thousand? The Weekly ‘wSieci’ reveals that it got this information from the very source, that is, from the European Commission in Brussels. We do not simply have anything to say in Brussels. If really – about which German newspapers write openly – a EU report was prepared, estimating the number of refugees as 1.5 mln only this year, then the number of 100 thousand assigned for Poland is quite realistic (according to data of the French military intelligence, at present another million of people in Libia are waiting for crossing over the Mediterranean Sea). What will Brussels do?

It is known – it will share the immigration burden with all EU countries. On 15 October 2015 during another summit meeting of the European Council, decisions were made about new ways of solving the migration crisis. Nothing new was invented, besides formalizing a cooperation with Turkey: the Union is to give financial help to refugee camps in Turkey and carry out common patrols on the Aegean Sea. There is no agreement about the common EU border guard or making procedures of giving asylum more effective and sending away those who are not qualified into it. Generally the EU is still working on a method of dividing ‘amounts’ of Islamic refugees. Also in our country there are searches made for locations of centres in which they could live. It is proven by negative responds of local governments of municipalities, which were asked about possible places for them.

So far Germany has accepted most refugees. For this reason, hatred is growing in this country and in single cases – hatred towards immigrants. There appear demands of taking consistent solutions in order to prevent the invasion of Islam onto the Old Continent. Words of Angela Merkel not to get succumbed to fear of immigrants will not be helpful. Support for governing Christian Democrats as well as for the Chancellor is declining.

There also appeared other problems: immigrants unpleased with their life conditions, rob shops, cause brawls on the religious and ethnic basis. In small centres for foreigners in Germany, organized criminal groups are ruling, in which hard criminalizing hierarchs appeared. Muslims are trying to enforce their traditional values also with the usage of violence. Their first victims are the Christians. Rapes, sexual abuses and even forced prostitution are on the daily basis – writes the German journal ‘Die welt’.

On pages of a medical magazine ‘The Lancet’, German scientists are warning about health dangers which may be brought by immigrants from completely different parts of the world. They say that children in Ukraine got ill from polio and on the Greek island Kos, the illness of cholera was uncovered after 20 years, and in Vienna there appeared a virus of dysentery. So, shouldn’t the state of every refugee’s health be checked? There is also another danger in fighters of the Islamic State, who are getting into Europe and with the wave of refugees. Their presence is nothing else than peaceful deployment of IS forces on our continent.

And returning to the basic beginning of the question whether information about a confidential agreement referring to bringing 100 thousand refugees to Poland is the truth. I know that every man has got a right to asylum and protection from a domestic war or persecution, but those who are to accept them, should know what kind of neighbours and how many of them to expect.


„Niedziela” 43/2015

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