Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki summarized the works of the plenary meeting of the Europe Episcopal Conferences Council, which ended on 16 September 2015 in Jerusalem and had the character of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He admitted that the situation of the Christians in the Holy Land has not basically changed for 67 years. - We should wish them peace still in their life. This is a perspective very difficult to achieve but inter-religious education is hope which can bring a lot of good – said the chairperson of the Polish Episcopal Conference. He revealed that the participants of the CCEE were concerned by the issue of refugees the most. Archbishop Gadecki said that the situation in Jordania, where refugees had been accepted by parishes enthusiastically in the beginning, which led to a paralyse of the pastoral activity of the Church and may be a warning for Poland. He added that if the aforesaid 12 thousand refugees arrived in Poland, the Church would not undertake any help programs without clear decisions with the state, which takes the basic responsibility for arrival of these people.


„Niedziela” 39/2015

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