The European Union is taking its most serious test now. Will it and how will it cope with the wave of economic immigrants, pretending to be refugees escaping from the war and repressions? However, a lot points to the fact that these do not only be economic immigrants. Crowds of young men from Muslim countries, who are entering the EU illegally, can have only intentions which are different from getting a job or an unemployment benefit. I will remind how the Russians used ‘green little people’ for aggression towards Ukraine, in order to check reaction of Kiev, and, first of all – reaction of the most important European capital cities and NATO. As it is known, reaction was weak, ineffective. Ukraine entered a permanent state of dependence on Moscow and no way out of the situation is seen. In fact, there is a creeping war there and gradual disassembly of the Ukrainian country, which must end with conquer of this country by Russia. Nobody in the West is thinking of making Putin behave normally.

Today we are dealing with a similar scenario, but the ‘green little people’ are entering the West Europe. They are, certainly, being followed by not only the Russians, but also the aggressive world of islam. The first and the latter ones are testing defensive abilities of the EU. As it is seen, they are very poor. Not only considering the issue in a military sense, but, first of all, maybe, considering political and logistic force of EU countries. Europe cannot and does not show such a will to defend its borders. It shows a complete submission to the aggressors. For these countries, like Russia and some Islamic countries or organizations calling themselves countries, it is an important and encouraging information for further aggression.

In this situation, Poland should show its definite attitude and encourage other countries to do so. However, it did not happen so. The government of Kopacz betrayed the countries of the Visegrad Group, which wanted to oppose to the invasion of the so-called refugees. The government of Kopacz has completely become submitted to the political concept elaborated in Berlin. It seems to Germany that it will subordinate the Muslims to itself, whereas it is islam which is just starting to conquer Europe. We are endangered by a civilisational catastrophe. The biggest European countries, including Poland, showed a lack of reasonable political leadership. Will there be any force which will stop this abnormal dance?


„Niedziela” 40/2015

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