This city has been called ‘the world centre of spying’ for a long time

Operas and waltzes of the Strauss, among the others, ‘Vienna blood – Wiener Blut’, ‘By the beautiful blue Donau’, empire, called ‘dancing empire’, the Vienna congress, Franciszek Józef are a nostalgic association with the capital of Austria, and Austro-Hungary earlier. There are also others. In this city Adolf Hitler spent his youth years, applying for studied at the Fine Art Academy twice. At present Vienna is in the leading of world cities where the standard of life is the best. It does not only concern ordinary inhabitants, but also agents. This city is called the ‘world centre of spying’. In the opinion of experts, operational actions are carried out by about 7 thousand agents there. It is years since by the blue Donau services of the whole world and also Poland placed their slaves. Vienna even appeared in a scenario of a famous serial ‘Hot life’, in which a journalist May was looking for an organization ‘Widmo’. At present in our country Vienna is associated with the loud spying scandal. It was the city where tapes with recordings from the restaurant ‘Sowa I Przyjaciele’ allegedly got, as well as recordings of villa premiere of Tusk. They are being heard and distributed by the so-called Vienna group. As media informed, one of the main characters of these recordings was to be the richest Polish businessman Jan Kulczyk, who recently died in a hospital of the capital of Austria. Before that Jeremiasz Barański, connected not only with the Security Services or the Inner Ministry , but also FBI and Austrian and British services. However, it did not protect him from being arrested and sent to the prison there, where he was found dead. He was accused of having given an order to murder the sport minister Jacek Dębski. There are a lot of Vienna presumptive evidences. A few years ago the colonel Marian Cypel, the former resident of the counterintelligence of the Polish People’s Republic in Vienna died. He was one of witnesses in the famous process connected with the secret annex of the Report from verification of the Military Information Services. Once I had an occasion to talk to him. He mentioned Austria and Vienna with great sentiment. He did not make any digression to professional topics, except for melioration because he was an engineer in this sphere. We talked mainly about language, history, culture…At that time I was observing his Vienna blood rising. How it would be nice if Vienna could be associated only with it.


„Niedziela” 37/2015

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