The European Union has subsidized two international abortion clinics with the amount of 18 million euro

There is still time of pilgrimages. The main destination in Poland is Jasna Gora. As John Paul II used to say, here the heart of the nation is beating. In July, for the 24th time, the Family of Maryja Radio has arrived at the image of Black Madonna. Pilgrims thanked for the Catholic community, Maryja Radio and Television Trwam. Catholic mass media in Poland are a phenomenon on the European or even world scale. The fight for a place on multiplex was not easy. Powerful lobbies were aiming at closing Catholics' mouths. It was not successful in the end. Millions of people can watch the Catholic television which was transmitting, among the others, a pilgrimage and a homily of archbishop Andrzej Dziega in Czestochowa. He touched on many issues inconvenient for politicians and businessmen, but very urgent and important now, and connected with what is the most important – human life. Referring to the scandalous voting in the Polish Senate about the in vitro act, that is, freezing human cells, he stated: - You have prepared a criminal act. (…). I know what I am saying and I am not afraid to call it by name. He suggested that those who do not know when the human life begins should look into primary schoolbooks for student of the 6th year. He suggested that supporters of in vitro and abortion are simply undereducated. He was right. For, one can assume that some of them are ordinary fools but rest of them are political and business cynics. The latter ones have been unmasked in California recently. One can hear and see in public recordings that a representative of the biggest pseudo-abortion clinic describes a trade connected with organs of killed unborn children. It turns out that she knows what she sells and what the value is of the human being or rather human organs. The USA parliament appointed special commissions in reference to scandalous actions of this clinic, which was called a lobbying giant. The Republicans demand explanations, but, first of all, stopping financing the abortion giant from the state budget. However, it is defended by the Democrats. One of the fight instruments is imposing media censorship. Moreover, the European Union spends a lot of money on abortion, for example, with the program with the beautifully-sounding name 'Millenium Purposes of Development'. According to the report European Dignity Watch, the European Union has subsidized two international abortion clinics with the amount of 18 million euro, and, what is peculiar, one of them was just a person of the American scandal. EU institutions usually observe scandals in the USA carefully which results in appointing even one's own investigation commissions, like in the case of CIA prisons. However, for the time being, we do not hear any voices about controlling EU expenditures in the abortion segment. For, in Europe there are still dog-days. However, it will finish soon. It is necessary to touch on this issue in the European Parliament.


„Niedziela” 33/2015

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