Putin announced increasing the arsenal of ballistic rackets which ‘get through every shield’.

Safety of our country is, certainly, a basic matter. Therefore I was glad to hear the information that the USA would send us heavy military equipment soon, among the others, tanks and rackets. Indeed, there are not permanent military bases of NATO on our territory yet, but there are trainings and maneuvers of big divisions of armies of USA and western countries all the time. It is not called stationing but ‘permanent rotary presence’, but it means the same. This verbal acrobatics results from political conditions.

For generals are restricted by politicians and their doctrinal sticking to the letter of agreements with Russia from the time when Poland was being included into NATO – and at that time there were obligations not to change the military system in this region of Europe. It has been long time since Moscow neglected obligations, but Western Europe did not want to accept it for a long time. Only aggression of Russia towards Ukraine began to change the optics of western capital cities. We are getting closer to install elements of the anti-missile shield. It is good because it serves to our safety.

Certainly, Moscow is still threatening. Recently Putin has announced increasing the arsenal of ballistic rackets which ‘get through every shield’, as he expressed it aptly. I hope that these threats will only increase ours and the West’s determination in strengthening military forces and NATO and their presence in Poland and Baltic countries.

The new president of the Polish Republic Andrzej Duda announces that the purpose in this issue is locating permanent and big military bases of the USA army in our country. Maybe, nuclear weapon what would be better. The consent of Berlin to these bases is to be a condition necessary for good relations between Poland and Germany. In a situation when the borders of NATO have been moved towards the East of Europe, there is no reason for these bases to remain on the territory of Germany. So, we are going to a good direction.


„Niedziela” 26/2015

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