Al.-Kaida was too soft and pacifistic – stated the main leader of the Islamic State, imam Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi. Compensating for this ‘civilizational gap’, to his order, thousands of warriors bestially murder their opponents, mainly the Christians. They behead the Christians in front of cameras. They also do it in Europe. After the assassination in France, the police found a cut off head among flags of the Islamic State. Recently, on the beach in Tunisia, a warrior of this organization took out a gun from an umbrella and shot nearly forty tourists. Other assassinations and executions are being planned. Not only those who have bought holidays abroad are scared. Will we really allow for scaring and being killed so easily? Leaders of the West, both of the USA and the EU, show their weakness bordering with helplessness. Indeed they send aircrafts onto territory controlled by the Islamic state in order to bombard their positions, but also with the lack of land support, the effect is counter-effective. Instead, the anti-terrorist system has been dismantled effectively for years. Moreover, an idiotic spiral of tracking special services functionaries, fighting with terrorists (who were secured with plush norms of human rights) has been started both in America and in the European Union. Generally speaking, those who are suspected of terrorism are paid damages (vide Polish government), and functionaries of special services are tracked and punished. It would not be possible without a consent of the USA president and broad-minded leaders of the European Union. Quite recently one of important British politicians said at a closed meeting in Strasburg: ‘Can you imagine the annexation of Kremlin by Putin during Bush’s presidency? Obama is weak and everybody sees it’. It is similar with the EU politicians. Everyone is fed up with it. Why did we allow for pushing us into defensive? Purposes of the Islamic country are known, similarly as intentions of Adolf Hitler were known after publishing ‘Mein Kampf’. Societies have a right to defend, even reaching for special means. It is also formulated by the Catechism of the Catholic Church in the chapter ‘Legitimate defence’. Both in Poland, and in other countries we have brave and trained people in special services. However, it is all about the fact that politicians making decisions should understand that special services function on special rules, and do it so for citizens’ protection. So, they expose their life and must be treated also in a special way. How many people must die yet so as to the west weaklings who do not understand the problem, would be replaced by reasonable, strong and determined politicians?


„Niedziela” 28/2015

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