The victory of the Conservatists In the recent elections In Great Britain is a surprise, when considering publicized surveys which failed to meet with the reality. The Party of David Cameron gained most posts in the House of Commons, which allows it to govern independently. The European Union is overwhelmed by anxiety because the victory was gained through a promise of organizing a referendum about Great Britain leaving from the EU. Cameron announced that if his Party won, this referendum would be no earlier than in 2017. Indeed, the prime minister supports Great Britain staying in the EU after renegotiations of conditions of its membership, especially within immigration policy, EU leaders do not see, however, any possibility of maneuver. Facing it, the so-called Brexit seems probable, that is, leaving the European Union. It would be a real shock. Great Britain is one of the main net tax payers to the budget of the Union. It also has many representatives in its institutions. The decision about Britain leaving from the EU would be automatically equal to the dismissal of the British commissioner from the European Commission and 73 MPs from the European Parliament. It would disrupt not only a sanctioned contract in the Lisbon Treaty, but would also create a precedence of which other membership countries could take advantage. The domino effect could be started, of which the EU politicians are afraid. Soon after the elections, the British press started publicizing simulation of costs connected with leaving from the European Union. Now the MPs to the European Parliament receive invitations to London for debates concerning the costs of Brexit. Although there are still two years till the referendum and a lot can be changed in the European Union, the unwillingness on British Islands to its bureaucratic structures seems to oscillate on the stabilized but dangerous level according to euro-enthusiasts. In July 2017 Great Britain is to take over presidency in the European Union Council. However, today it is uncertain whether it will still be in the EU structures.


„Niedziela” 21/2015

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