The Swiss do not accept God in the public space and they want to outvote it with the cantonal custom, remove Him from the morning dawn and Swiss heaven

'When the morning sky is beaming, You, Lord, are in it in brightness’ – these are the first words of the national Hymn of Switzerland in the Polish translation, also called ‘The Swiss’ Psalm’. It was composed in the first half of the XIX century, but it will be changed soon. For a few dozen years liberal and feminist groups of this country have been fighting for it. For, they were irritated by references to God and call for a prayer. The hymn includes the words: ‘Dear Swiss, pray, we feel and understand (…) God, Lord in our Homeland’. Those who are aiming at the change, notice the main problem in the text, which they think as it is old-fashioned and too religious. Their arguments are, among the others, that in Switzerland there are atheists , therefore, the hymn should be ‘religiously neutral’. So, a few new songs were chosen which meet these norms and an online voting was decided. The Swiss definitely reject God in the public space which they want to outvote with the cantonal custom, remove Him from the morning dawn and Swiss heaven. Why not to go with the flow and settle the matter completely? The flag of Switzerland is still to be changed. Indeed, it is a white cross on the read background. What backwardness! For now, the Swiss are removing the hymn which will not rise towards the Heaven any more. In order to maintain complete worldwide neutrality, they will, however, be forced to chase away European clouds, soaked with religion. It may happen when the Hungarians sing their hymn loudly, starting with the words: ‘God, redeem the Hungarians and give them your graces’. They can be supported by Latvians with their hymn: ‘God, bless Latvia, our dear Homeland’. Whereas, the Maltese will sing: ‘Lord, guard our dear Homeland, whose name we carry, as You have been doing so far’. The call for God can be heard from Great Britain, whose hymn begins with the words: ‘God, protect our merciful Queen’. But who will protect the worldwide-neutral Swiss? Famous Swiss banks, specifically smelling cheese or maybe a clock with a cuckoo?


„Niedziela” 17/2015

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