It is eleven years since In the beginning of May we have celebrated the Day of Flag in Poland. The flag is one of the most important national symbols. Its white-red colours have been considered as the national ones since 3 May 1792. They have always referred to a white eagle placed on a red shield. The flag is not only colours, but also symbols. Since gaining independence in 1918, the Polish flag of the country has always been presented also in the version with the emblem, where on the crown of the eagle we see the cross. According to the tradition, flags of some types of armies in Poland, have had a similar emblem till now. The base of identity of many nations, especially of Europe, was Christianity, hence, on their flags there is the cross. Christian symbols are seen on many national flags, including twenty European countries. On the flags of Spain, Lichtenstein, and San Marino, the cross is visible on the crown. The flag of Malta is the cross in the middle, with the image of St. George on a horse fighting with a dragon. A big white cross on the blue background is in the left upper corner of the flag of Greece. Crosses on the whole background are on the flags of Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Island and Switzerland. In the last country, the Muslims demand the change of the flag, because they do not accept this Christian symbol. Indeed, the officially acknowledged flag of the European Union does not have the cross, but twelve golden stars on the blue background. Its creator Arsene Heits admitted that he had been inspired by a description from the Apocalypse of St. John, chapter 12.1, where we read: ‘The woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars ‘. In fact, the flag was accepted by the Committee of Ministers Council of the Europe Council on 8 December 1955- on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mary the Virgin. However, officially, this European flag does not exist. It was wasted with the EU constitution. There are national flags, referring to history, tradition and religion with their colours and symbols. For some people, they are a great value, even holiness, but other people neglect and desecrate them. Desecrating the flag, for example, in Poland, is often justified with an artistic vision, which is an alibi for celebrities, referring to European values. It is something more than an abuse, which should be definitely condemned, not only on the day of the flag.


„Niedziela” 18/2015

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