Both healthy and ill people use vitamins. They also take multivitamins to get more strengthened. They want their bodies to function well. However, before vitamins are permitted for sale, they are clinically tested. Christian Europe still accepted newcomers in its borders ‘in pills’, but it has never supported deliberate mixing cultures and nationalities, that is, the so-called multi-culti. This is an experiment which has never been tested before. The slogan of multiculturalism as a phenomenon was promoted in the 70s and 80s of the last century in Germany by the Greens Party in this country. At the end of the 90s and in the beginning of the XXI century, it became an important element of the policy of German socio-democrats (SPD), with their chancellor Gerhard Schroder.

A march for authority?

Recently German newspapers have not only informed that many prominent German politicians of the Greens party, for example, the former famous euro-deputy Daniel Cohn-Bendit, had committed pedophile crimes, but there are also published conclusions from scientific surveys on the influence of pedophile acts on the program of the Greens. Asked about it by German journalists, the aforementioned Cohn-Bendit answered: ‘We all were Keczua’s’. Those Indians, living in the Andes, has not created the sense of the national community till now. Instead, they used to chew coca leaves. Intoxication and distant shocking culture customs were promoted in Europe not only by the liberal Greens, but also other formations. The propaganda agreement to open up not only to exotic trends, but, first of all, to newcomers, eliminated very dangerous demographic gaps in countries such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Holland and others.

On the one hand immigrants coming to Europe – not necessarily from South America, but mostly from Muslim countries of Africa and Near East - undertook simple jobs, unattractive for the natives, but, on the other hand, earning legally, paid fees, thanks to which it was possible to pay quite high pensions to aging Germans, French or citizens of Belgium. When, after some time they received citizenship of these countries, besides duties resulting from it, they gained political and social rights.

The newcomers brought their customs to weakened Christian Europe, as well as different culture and religion. Some native political parties, looking for support, that is, broadening their electorate, started following them. Formulated electoral promises had to be fulfilled and after some time culturally different people started electing their representatives in self-governmental, parliamentary and European elections. A few year ago, in the European Parliament, a Turkish man Cem Ozdemir, elected in Germany from lists of the Greens parties, had his post. In other political groups we can see euro-deputies coming from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka, New Caledonia. The Muslims can be seen in parliaments in Austria, Great Britain and Switzerland. In this last country a Muslim man who entered the Parliament from the Greens party, even became a minister. It is similar in self-governments of many countries. A few years before, on Grand Place in Brussels, a traditional Christmas tree was liquidated not to irritate Muslim inhabitants of the capital city of Europe. It turned out that it is years since the Muslims have been electing their representatives to 19 Brussels communes, that is, districts. Their prevalence over native Flemish and Walloons is based on the fact that they have many children and attend elections massively. It causes a situation that, for example, a mayor of the Saint-Josse-ten-Noode is Turkish. In an election campaign which was also in Turkish (leaflets, posters), his cultural distinctiveness was significant. Muslim minority is not assimilated in most cases.

A failure of the German plan

Their presence evokes necessity of solving many problems not known in Europe so far. I remember when a few years before, there were attempts to implement a plenary session in the schedule of parliamentary debates of the European Parliament in Brussels, on ‘Social security of the third wife’. Somebody who would think that it concerned citizens after two divorces, would be wrong. For, the issue concerned the Muslims who had arrived in EU – particularly in Belgium – with three wives. There appeared a problem connected with polygamy of Islam believers. A Muslim man formally employed in Belgium, provided health security to his wife, and offices in this country extended it to the second wife, while the problem concerned who was to cover expenses of teeth treatment of the third wife. Because of the lack of legal regulations, the issue was removed from the schedule of debates. These problems are a consequence of the accepted policy of multiculturalism and permission for emancipation and development of parallel societies. It resulted in early predictable extremisms. For example, in France, according to official data, among ten culprits of committed crimes, eight of them are the Muslims. Not only in France, but also in Belgium, in Brussels, police are afraid to go to some districts in the evening, because they are given cocktails of Mołotow ‘as a treat’. As for numbers, beside France, Germany has a big trouble, which is struggling with problems of over 6 million immigrants. On the area of Germany about 4 million Muslims live. The Turkish minority in German is not assimilated, has its own radio and television stations. 5 years before, the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel publicly announced a failure of the policy of multiculturalism, saying that ‘building a multicultural society in Germany has not brought any good results’. How dramatically was her diagnosis confirmed 4 years later by the assassination on the editorial office of the magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris, in which 12 people were killed, and later other 5 people. It was the proverbial final straw of anti-islamic bitterness in Europe.

In the so-called West

Not considering formulated accusations of xenophobia, hundreds thousand people came out into streets, and started getting organized on anti-islamic frontline. It was how PEGIDA – Patriotische Europaer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes (Patriotic Europeans against Islamization of the West) was created and strengthened in Desden, just before the assassination in Paris. This organization functions not only in Germany but also in other countries of the European Union. Many Europeans noticed that our continent became not so much a mosque of Islam, as a comfortable asylum as well as a trampoline of a newly built Islamic country. Not only young people brought up in Europe are fighting there, but also girls who – like in Syria – belong to women’s brigades of the so-called Islamic country. These are often native citizens of EU countries, for example, Germany, charmed by or rather blinded by Islam. They murder Christians there, even through beheading. They burn people alive. It brings about serious reflection on the condition and future of Europe. Theoretically it is easy to write a prescription. Europe should start protect and promote its own culture at once – its Christian culture, and remove legislation aimed against unborn children and create real encouragements for demographic increase, resign from pushy promotion of untypical couples, and control immigration policy. During his visit to the European Parliament in Strasburg, pope Francis said: ‘I also believe that Europe which would be able to appreciate its religious roots, knowing how to extract its richness and potential, could also be more resistant to so many extremisms which are multiplying in the contemporary world, also because of a big idea emptiness, with which we are dealing in the so-called West’. Will EU decision-makers want to be serious in listening to this voice?


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