The Massacre of Copts

In connection with the bloody rioting which took place on 9 October this year, in the streets of Cairo, the representatives of the Coptic Church accused the Egyptian Security Forces of the death of dozens of people. It was reported that as a result of the rioting during the demonstrations of Copts protesting against the attack on one of their churches, 35 people were killed and 300 of them were injured. Whereas the Egyptian public media inform that the Coptic demonstrators killed 3 soldiers and injured 20 of them. The number of killed Copts has not been reported.
According to observers this has been the bloodiest rioting since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak. Thousands Copts went to the building of TV later, demanding the resignation of the governor Asuan, accused of supporting Muslims; they were also protesting against incitement against Christians by the public television. Copts also accuse military authorities that they are not protected enough from radical groups of Islam believers.
After the failure of Mukabarak, there are more frequent attacks of fundamentalists on Christians. The army often protects extremists than Christians to a bigger extent.


"Niedziela" 43/2011

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