Polish accent in Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

This is the fourth time that the workers of the editorial board of ‘Niedziela’ are making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, with Rev. Dr. Krzysztof Kowalik from the Pilgrimage Office of the Pallotine Fathers as their guide. We have been here since 23 March. One of the points of our programme was the participation in the dedication and opening of the triptych made for the fourth station of the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem (the so-called Polish station). Before the triptych reached Jerusalem it had travelled through Poland and Europe (Jasna Gora, the cathedral in Cologne and other significant places) and had reached the Vatican where the Holy Father Benedict XVI had blessed it. The wandering of the Heavenly Jerusalem was accompanied by prayers for peace in the world, especially peace in the Holy Land. On 25 March at 5.00 p.m. local time, there were celebrations, including Holy Mass presided over by Archbishop Antonio Franco, Papal Nuncio in Israel, and Bishop Zygmunt Zimowski, the delegate of the Polish Bishops Conference to pastoral care of all Polish immigrants, Archbishop Fouad Boutros Twal, Latin Major Patriarch of Jerusalem, the Consul of the Republic of Poland and the superior of the Polish Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre as well as the Armenian bishops (the triptych was deposited in the Armenian Catholic Church). The Armenian Catholic cordially accepted the triptych for the perpetual adoration that will be held here from now on. There is the Mother of God in the central part of the triptych. Her heart is the monstrance for the Eucharistic Jesus. The dedication of the triptych was a great experience for our pilgrims who were happy to participate in this historical event. Thanks to that our pilgrimage to the sources of faith was very strongly related to the intention of the Association Communita Regina Della Pace chaired by Piotr Ciolkiewicz from Radom, artist Mariusz Drapikowski and the Franciscan Conventuals, especially Fr Kazimierz Frankiewicz and the Pauline Fathers, especially Fr Albert Szustak who did their best to have this work made. And the aim is the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and spreading the prayer for peace, especially for peace in the Holy Land. So if some reader of ‘Niedziela’ makes a pilgrimage to the Holy land he should find time for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel of the Fourth Station of the Cross at the Armenian Catholic Church with the Polish Heavenly Jerusalem. After the solemn Mass on 25 March a big group of volunteers began their adoration during the night. How much joy since our dreams have been fulfilled that Lord Jesus will be adored here in the Most Holy Sacrament!

"Niedziela" 14/2009

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