The Nobel Peace Prize for Al Gore is a real scandal

Antonio Gaspari, President of the movement Cristiani per l’ambiente [Christians for the Natural Environment], is against the decision to give the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore, the American politician who has started a war against the unborn children and family, claiming that he protects the natural environment.

Wlodzimierz Redzioch: – As president of an organisation aiming at protecting the natural environment you should be glad that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize was given to the man who has been regarded as ‘green’, ‘defender of the natural environment’ or ‘politician-ecologist’...

Antonio Gaspari: – Not at all. The Movement Cristiani per l’ambiente thinks that the award given Al Gore was a real scandal. This has been not the first time that the Nobel Committee applied some obscure criteria but this time it crossed all boundaries. We are very curious how this choice will be justified because we think that Al Gore has not contributed to peace at any time and any place. On the contrary, as the Vice-President of the United States he was responsible for war activities (e.g. the attack against Serbia).

– What are your arguments against Al Gore?

– Al Gore represents and supports the interests which John Paul II defined as ‘contraceptive imperialism’, i.e. the interests and their ideology that within the last 30 years have contributed to spreading, mainly in the poorest countries, abortion, women’ sterilisation and abortive contraception. The victims of that policy are millions of unborn children. One should not forget that every aborted foetus is connected with parents’ dramas and destruction of families.

– In a word, a real paladin of war against the unborn was awarded the peace prize ...

– This is real nonsense! When Mother Theresa of Calcutta received her Nobel Peace Prize she said that ‘in the world there will be no peace until abortion is legal.’ In his encyclical ‘Evangelium vitae’ (No 12) John Paul II speaks about ‘conspiracy against life’ and ‘war of the powerful against the weak.’ So we ask: Why was Al Gore given the award? He represents those ‘powerful’ that have been trying to introduce abortion and sterilisation to masses in order to eliminate the poor and the weak? It is worth remembering that Al Gore has praised the cult of Gaia (Mother Earth) recently. His followers accuse mankind (especially Christians who call to ‘subdue the earth’) of the egoistic use of the earthly resources.

– The movement ‘Cristiani per l’ambiente’ has actively participated in the discussion of climate change. What is Al Gore’s contribution in this field?

– In the discussion concerning climate change Al Gore resorts to ‘psychological terrorism’ since he presents his catastrophical ideas as scientific. He has stressed many times that climate change poses a bigger threat to the world than the Islamic terrorism. It is obviously crazy, the more that he praises ecological movements that do their best to hamper development of poor countries, thus depriving them – in the name of abstract ideas concerning environment – of their access to the cheap and secured sources of energy. Al Gore’s contribution in the discussion of climate change is his film that received many cinema awards at various festivals but was criticised in the scientific circles. In his film the Nobel Peace Prize winner predicts e.g. that the sea level will be 7 m higher, and consequently Florida, Holland, Shanghai will be flooded. The scientists think that it is unlikely. Even the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changing (IPCC) that won the Peace Prize together with Gore, denied those catastrophical visions, claiming that till the year 2100 the sea level will probably raise 38 cm. We also wonder that the Nobel Committee did not take into account the hypocrisy of the man who declared himself as the defender of natural environment and still used private jets and had a house that produced more greenhouse gas than several ‘statistical’ Americans; the man who did very little environmental protection when he assumed the reins of government in the biggest world power (Al Gore was the U.S. Vice-President for eight years).

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