5 December 2004 - 2nd Sunday of Advent

Day of Prayer for the Church in the East

Fr Jozef Kubicki, T.Chr.

The Polish Episcopate Conference is organising the Fifth Day of Help for the Church in the East on the 2nd Sunday of Advent. The aim of this day is to turn our eyes and thoughts towards the Catholic Church in the countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia as well as to support all initiatives for the cause of evangelization of the East. First of all, we focus on prayer during Masses celebrated on 5 December in parishes all over Poland and in Polish immigrants' communities as well as the Mass celebrated at 9.00 a.m. at Holy Cross Church in Warsaw by Bishop Jacek Jezierski and broadcasted on the Polish radio. In particular we want to invite the elderly people and the sick, who can spiritually support evangelization in the East through their cross of suffering and sacrifice while listening to the Mass celebrated. in the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Krakow-Lagiewniki, to be broadcasted at 7.00 a.m. on Polish TVP1 and at 1.00 p.m. on Television Polonia.
We have invited to that Triduum of prayer all seminary alumni as well as men's and women's congregations, whose members have been actively involved in pastoral work in the Eastern territories. Every parish in Poland has received information materials about the Day and invitations to join the prayer and collection for the needs of all those involved in catechetical and pastoral work in the East. Besides the common prayer we have organised a photographic exhibition in the building of the Society of Foreign Polonia in Warsaw, at 64 Krakowskie Przedmiescie. The title of the exhibition is 'Sacred buildings in the East'. The exhibition is open on 1 - 10 December 2004, from 9.00 to 17.00. We invite all those who are interested in this work. There will be articles about the work of priests, nuns and laymen in the Catholic Church parishes in the East. There will also be television and radio programmes.
The Day of Prayer for the Catholic Church in the East and the Day of Help for this Church will be important events for numerous Poles. Some are emotionally connected with those territories; others support in various ways those who are contributing to the revival of the Catholic Church in the East. Certainly, all Poles need a special day of prayers for all these intentions.
We want to appeal to all Polish people, both in the country and abroad, to support this initiative of the Polish Episcopate Conference in their environments and we ask you to pray and offer financial help - if you can afford it - for our sisters and brothers, who are zealously involved in the work of evangelization of the Catholic Church in the East. We thank you for your spiritual support on this day of prayer and for all your offerings. You can send your donation to the following bank account.

Zespol Pomocy Koscielnej dla Katolikow na Wschodzie
Skwer Kard. S. Wyszynskiego 6
01-015 Warszawa
Bank Zachodni WBK I O/ Warszawa
89 10901014 0000 0000 0301 4449 (PLN)
67 10901014 0000 0000 0302 1053 (USD)
10 10901014 0000 0000 0315 8267 (EURO)
title: 'For the Catholic Church in the East - donation'

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