Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś

Some people will say: it is obvious that it is not allowed to kill people. But we see that there were and are still black marches at which faces of young women and men with fierce flashes in the eyes are shocking, who are demanding the right for abortion, shouting angrily slogans about freedom of women. If somebody says that the phenomenon of abortion does not mean the human being, I ask: so, what does it mean? This ‘being’ leaving the mother’s womb will always be a human being. It is not a dog or a cat, or a frog – it will always be a human being. So, this is not a problem of religion but the issue of an ordinary human experiment. It concerns life of the human being, life of a little man, who has got everything necessary for existence, despite being at the beginning of his development; although he has got not everything perfect yet, the human development is one long process which lasts years.

So, why do people want to kill other people? I think that not everybody is aware of what they do or what they think and we are dealing with a satanistic manipulation and propaganda which redirects the way of thinking onto different points of view: people are made to think that the man is as great as God and has got unrestricted freedom, in fact the same as ordinary life without any prohibitions and orders. There also appeared a kind of a system of the so-called political correctness in the way of thinking, which is a dangerous ideology overwhelming the whole world. It is real totalitarianism in the personal, social and national dimension. Whereas we, as people evaluating the reality normally what we are and are not allowed to do, should ask mainly our conscience. What is important for a religious man is a religious evaluation of a situation, that is, opinion of God measured with the Decalogue and Gospel of Jesus. The issue of killing people before birth should be also understood in the sense of natural law.

Abortion is destroying millions of people, it is genocide! Nobody is allowed to undergo the avalanche of lies and crimes.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 12/2019 (24 III 2019)

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