Julian Kostrzewa

There would not be really independent, sovereign Poland if it had not been for that heroism – said president Andrzej Duda during ceremonies on the National Remembrance Day of Indomitable Soldiers, when he granted national distinctions to Indomitable Soldiers and people nurturing remembrance and spreading knowledge about their history.- One can symbolically appreciate these people and their great merits for Poland – he added.

Franciszek Jaskulski pseudonym Zagończyk – a soldier of the National Army and the WiN Assioation, killed in 1947 and two soldiers from his division killed in a fight with Soviet armies at Zwoleń in June 1946 – Tadeusz Nowakowski pseudonym Zając and Władysław Skrzypek pseudonym Groźny were awarded by president for prominent merits done with unusual devotion in the fight for sovereignty and independence of the Polish country. Also Zdzisław Kowalczewski pseudonym Milczek and Stanisław Kiałka pseudonym Jelonek, Bolesław and Szarotka were also distinguished after their death.

Speaking to people receiving distinctions, president said that heroes were also relatives of those who were killed as communist repressions were often aimed at whole families. – The price was often very high – from repressions, persecutions, imprisonment, tortures, through depriving of possibilities to develop, careers, education, employment, often to poverty and hunger – he emphasized.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 10/2019 (10 III 2019)

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