Church of the persecuted at the times of partitions. Church of the persecuted extremely brutally during the war German occupation and less openly, but not less ruthlessly also during the Soviet occupation. Also in the first years after the war, indomitable priests were murdered, imprisoned in prisons or death camps; similarly nuns. Also for long years of the post-war history of Poland communists were destroying Church. After the year 1956 Church was persecuted intricately – among the others, by letting agents in seminars in order to break up Church from inside. A similar intention was realized by ‘installing’ people from homosexual groups in seminars. Thanks to God and great faith of priests, their spiritual and patriotic individualities, steadfast attitude of God’s people – Church in Poland survived, with only a little harm. It is proved not only by statistic data, but also long queues to confessions.

Sexual revolution in 1968 did not omit Poland. And here nihilism began. In the world there appeared a powerful pornographic industry. Also ‘sexual tourism’ was begun to a world scale, preferring pedophilia. Today its income reach up to 300 milliard dollars a year. To a little extent this revolution got also to seminary dormitories in Poland. As today experts of the problem say, among the others, Fr. Dr hab. Dariusz Oko and Fr. Dr hab. Andrzej Kobyliński, the phenomenon was either belittled or it was permitted. And so, with passing years, homosexual society was spreading in Church. The example can be Krzysztof Charamas (expelled from priesthood). There was a similar situation in the world. ‘Lavender mafia’ was created. The problem was growing. It appeared to a large extent in the USA, Ireland, Canada in the 80s of the last century.

At the end of the pontificate of John Paul II there appeared hurting opinions concerning his reaction to cases both of homosexuality and pedophilia. All accusing suggestions are denied by facts of punishing pr suspending priests by the Holy Father. It was said to the TVP at the end of February 2019 by cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz: ‘John Paul II (…) expressed his attitude very clearly in his speech which he gave to American priests and bishops in April 2002, after the first wave of revealed facts. It was when John Paul II perceived that the problem are not the tragedies of the very abuse, but also examples of wrong reactions of superiors. He saw that although there was law and there were ecclesiastical procedures, they were not always used. Hence he recommended a duty of reporting on every case directly to the Vatican Congregation of Faith Teaching, which was presided over then by cardinal Jospeh Ratzinger whom John Paul II trusted a lot’. A similar opinion about the Polish Pope was expressed by a prominent publicist Valebtina Alazraki Crastich who was carefully observing the whole pontificate of John Paul II.

As a result of his predecessors’ actions, Benedict XVI edited an instruction in 2005 about not accepting homosexuals to seminaries. A letter was attached to the instruction, which ordered bishops immediate removing all priests of homosexual tendencies. However, the group, as it is said today: the ‘lobby’, homosexual one, grew in power – similarly ‘unbeatable’.

With the end of February 2019 a conference was summoned in Vatican about protection of children from sexual abuse in Church. Testimonies of law breach were presented, as well as ideas of counteracting it. Before the conference the representatives of the Polish foundation ‘Do not be afraid’ handed pope Francis ‘A report on secular or canonic law breach in actions of Polish bishops in the context of priests as culprits of sexual violence towards children and dependent people’. Among people who handed the report there were two representatives of the leftist party fighting with Church: Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska and Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus. The report, as the bishops mentioned here write in statements, includes a lot of inaccuracies and truth distortions. After publishing the document, a spokesman of the Polish Episcopal Conference, Fr. Paweł Rytel-Andrianik said that all issues connected with priests accused of pedophilia are submitted to Vatican. He added, among the others, that ‘pedophilia must not be concealed (…). Church in Poland wants everybody to be transparent in these issues. We have been saying for years: no tolerance for pedophilia in Church and the society, regardless of who is a culprit’.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 10/2019 (10 III 2019)

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