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European Federation of Catholic Families Associations formulated ‘Manifest’ which includes a commitment to actions for changing unbeneficial demographic trends in Europe, strengthening a voice of family associations, economy supporting families, acknowledging dignity and values of unpaid work done for home and balance between family life and career. It calls for supporting the institution of marriage, respecting human dignity from the beginning to natural end of life, acknowledging rights of parents to bring up children according to their beliefs and acknowledging complementarity of a woman and a man and rejecting attempts of removing sexual differences via public politics. In the ‘Manifest’ there are also postulates on ‘family mainstreaming’, that is, checking all decisions and regulations of the European Union considering the interest of families.

The text of the ‘Manifest’ is available, among the others, on the website It is going to be sent to all candidates for MPs to the European Parliament, from all lists and political options. Surnames of the candidates who will sign the appeal, will be published by the European Federation of Catholic Families Associations on 15 May this year. There will also be a media campaign informing about the initiative and encouraging everybody to postulate for the sake of a family in the future cadency of the European Parliament.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 10/2019 (10 III 2019)

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