The Catholic Weekly ‘Sunday’, Foundation SUNDAY (NIEDZIELA), the Institute of Media, Columbus Knights, Papal Assocation Help to Church in Need and the Youth Informative Agency MAIKA are organizing fundraising for building flats in Nineve Valley in northern Iraq for the Christians who lost their homes during the fights with the so-called Islamic State. Most of their homes were destroyed and churches were plundered.

And you can join the building work of houses in Nineve Valley, among the others, in two cities: BARTELLA and BASZIKA, where hundreds of Christian families are waiting for your help. This is the place where our Christian brothers have lived since the second century. This is also the place where our Lord is – Jesus Christ. As cardinal Pietro Parolin, the secretary of the Holy See, and who has recently visited Iraq, said: ‘on this land the history of salvation began, which is being realized today by the Christians living here’.

Cardinal Parolin emphasized that ‘what is worth praising is the return of many people and families and rebuilding houses in Nineve Valley’. He also noted that it is also necessary to ‘reconstruct trustfulness’ beside the material rebuilding and ‘repair the social tissue destroyed by betrayals, grudge and hatred’. It is ‘vocation of the Christians in Iraq and this is their mission. For it is all about faithfulness to roots and building a better future for children’.

And in order to achieve it, also your help is needed. Therefore you can join the ACTION HOME and give suitable funds for this purpose. We also invite entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations and religious movements to this ACTION HOME.

Institute of Media
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Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 6/2019 (10 II 2019)

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