The boy ‘was born’ on 6 July 1997 as a result of abortion. It was late abortion, after the 6th month of his life, that is, the one which is used also in Poland now. The reason for the decision about killing the child was uncovering the Down syndrome which had been diagnosed in the 25th week of the prenatal life of the boy. However, it turned out that the child did not want to die, despite the parents’ and doctors’ will. – We know the same examples from Polish hospitals. Only single cases get to our foundation but we do not know what scale of living births is like after abortions in our country – Kaja Godek from Life and Family Foundation tells ‘Niedziela’. – Statistics from other countries show that there are a dozen up to a few dozen eugenic percent of living births as a result of eugenic abortions. And Polish children do not differ from children abroad at all, that is, we have a right to say that in our country, the scale of living births is similar.

Tim weighed 690 g and was 32 cm long. For the first 9 hours he was lying rolled up in a towel without any medical care. The temperature of his body fell to 28 °C. Being left on his own he was fighting for life. Not earlier than after 9 hours did the medical personnel of the hospital begin to give him help.

A verdict against the Down syndrome

Doctors did not give him any chance. They said that his death was a matter of months. His body was exhausted by the abortion process, his lungs did not get fully formed, and he had deformed feet. Doctors from the clinic, where he was transported after the ‘unsuccessful’ abortion, changed a few dozen serious defects of the baby’s body.

Tim was adopted very soon by a couple Bernard and Simone Guido, who had already had two biological sons, and later – after Tim’s adoption – 2 girls with the Down syndrome were adopted too. The couple were taking care of the boy and cared about his therapy as because of the ‘unsuccessful’ abortion, beside the Down syndrome, Tim had autism, defected eyesight and very weak lungs. And just the last ailment turned out fatal to him on 4 January 2019. – One can say that it was abortion with a delayed ignition. If Tim had been born naturally in the 9th month, today he might be alive and be healthy – says Kaja Godek who also brings up her child with the Down syndrome.

Damages for the alive child

After years of therapy, lots of operations and surgeries, Tim began to walk, play football and have fun with his brothers and sisters. His physical ability was so developed that his family were thinking more and more about finding work for Tim. When a decision about killing the child was being made, nobody supposed that there would appear the family so quickly who would take care of him with love. The example of Tim shows perfectly that there are no helpless situations. He was a happy and smiling man who received love from the family. Whereas we are persuaded to think that such children must be killed! – says Kaja Godek.

Tim and his family were celebrating Christmas and the New Year’s Eve and nothing indicated that the moment of his death was coming. – We had very nice Christmas – said Simone Guido in a an interview with the portal www.ndr.de. The adoptive mother explained that the boy’s lungs had been damaged because of the early ‘birth’. Therefore in winter months he often had infections and the last one was fatal. – We are very sad and we still cannot cope with the death of our unusual and joyful son – Bernard Guido added.

The issue of Tim in German and foreign media got so popular not only because he had survived abortion and doctors had not helped him in the first hours of his life, but because of a completely different reason. A few months later the biological parents of Tim decided to accuse the hospital that his son had experienced abortion. They demanded high damages.

Over 100 alive abortions

According to the president of the German Gynecological and Obstetrics Society prof. Dietrich Berg, every year over 100 children in Germany experience abortions. In 2003 a doctor who did not help Tim, was punished with a fine of 13 thousand euro but not for committing the abortion later, but for the lack of care over the alive new-born baby. The tragedy of the post-abortion syndrome also touched the biological mother of Tim. The mother, after unsuccessful psychotherapy, committed a suicide.

The adoptive parents of Tim wrote a book ‘Tim is alive!’ on his 18th birthday, in order to speak against abortion in a campaign. This book is available also in Polish as it was edited by the Publication House Edition of St. Paul.- This story shows a cruel truth about abortion. Abortion is not anything good for children or women. We never know the future and we cannot decide whether a child will be happy or not – says Kaja Godek, a proxy of the legislative initiative ‘Stop abortion’.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

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