Missing in Germany

Mirosław Piotrowski

In our western neighbouring countries searches of missing people were begun. For, there are 126 thousand foreigners missing there, including a few dozen thousand so-called refugees; called so, as the suitable German authorities, having verified them, concluded that it is impossible to include them to this category. What is more, the German services are alarming that among them there are Islamic extremists. When they found out that they would be deported, every second of them disappeared. German media hide the statement: ‘they got missing as if they disappeared under the ground’. Unfortunately, it is not all, as the Federal Criminal Office is searching for a group of over 170 thousand ‘native’ criminals, among the others, prisoners and other people prosecuted with a criminal letter. Totally nearly 300 thousand dangerous criminals. Where did the German order (Ordnung) disappear?- one would like to ask the question. But this time, unfortunately, it is not only the inner problem of Germany. The contract with Schengen, which abolishes controls by the borders in most EU countries and outside, made our continent visited not only by tourists; but also by those who are in conflict with law. The contract concerning the free relocation of people enforces some restrictions, though. However, it is not allowed to let crowds of people from other continents in our territory. Somebody who breaches the rules, should be excluded from this contract. However, as for Germany, we are dealing with particular deforming of the mind and the EU law. Germany is settling its donations of millions from the EU budget for the sake of….refugees. Yes, indeed, it breached EU rules and is to receive money for it. Countries opposing to Berlin practices, such as Hungary and Poland are to be punished. There are plans of cutting off coherence environments from which countries of the Central-Eastern Europe take the advantage. But where will they be directed? It is obvious. However, the problem is far more serious. Islamist extremists, accepted thoughtlessly by Germany will move to other EU countries, when being searched for by the German police. The holiday time is favourable to them. Millions of tourists are just traveling around Europe. So, it is more difficult to have control. And when the holiday is over, the authorities and citizens of many EU countries will have a problem. Others will have to pay for this irresponsible action. I think that soon after the dog-days finish, the European Commission should start dealing with it. Yes, particularly commissioners Timmermans and Juncker. Indeed, rules of the EU law are breached, that is, the rule repeated like mantra ‘rule of law’. Certainly, our European parliament should not be left behind but begin a debate and vote for the resolution entitled, for example: ‘Missing in Europe’.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 33/2018 (19 VIII 2018)

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