At the beginning of December in the Centre of History Zajezdnia in Wrocław the Second Social Congress ‘Value of Culture – culture of civilisation’ was held, which I presided over as a programming director. This year the motto of the event was: ‘Poland on the contact of civilization’. How to understand it? Our country belongs to civilization called western and Latin long time ago. For centuries it has been influenced by a different model of civilization from the East, called differently: Turanian, Byzantine or Orthodox. Besides that, after ages of absence on our continent there has appeared a pressure of a different world – islam. If we compare three mentioned civilizations to big tectonic plates, we can see that today they are during violent tectonic movements and they are the threat of serious quakes. They all are at the sharp bend of history and the further development of the situation is predictable. Would anybody have thought five years ago that Russia was going to attack Ukraine in a military way? Were we able to imagine three years ago that there would be a march of ten thousands of Muslims let through a few borders without any control? Who was able to predict two years ago that Great Britain would exit from the European Union?

The diagnosis that today we are at the turning point of our history became a starting point for debates and lectures during the congress. It was divided into three days devoted successively to Russia, islam and Europe. The most interesting subject among the participants of the congress was a topic bloc concerning the Muslim world. The output of discussion panel, in which Aleksandra Rybińska, Piotr Kłodkowski and Grzegorz Lindenberg participated, was a pessimistic picture of the situation in Western Europe.

Two weeks ago the prestigious American centre Pew Research Centre published a report on the Muslim people on our continent, which amounts to 25, 7 million people now (4.9 per cent of inhabitants). It was an occasion to outline three scenarios for the future. In the first one – if immigration of islam followers is completely stopped – their number will rise to 36 million by 2050. In the second one – if there is a limited immigration – the Muslim population will be 57.8 million. Whereas in the third one – if the policy of ‘open doors’ is continued, there will be sudden waves of immigrants (like the one in 2015) – we will have even 76 million (that is 14 per cent ) Mahomets in Europe.

We can expect further immigration as Muslim countries are experiencing the demographic boom. Every year 3 million inhabitants are arriving, and in Egypt – 2 million. In order to satisfy their needs, it would be necessary to give away 5 thousand flats and 10 schools for disposal in this country every day. There are no chances for it at present, so the immigration pressure to the Old Continent from Northern Africa, Near East and Central Asia will still be growing.

For most arrivers there will not be unemployment, so they will become ‘clients’ of social care. One the one hand they will appear to be a serious burden for social systems, whereas, on the other hand – mass unemployment is the fertile ground for various social pathologies, which is seen, for example, among various spheres ‘no-go’ in Western Europe, to which even the local police is scared to go. Such places are impossible to reach by the national justice system and in fact the local muslim law is binding there. In numerous towns the Imams and muslim organizations even took over – in agreement with the local authorities – functions of local bodies. The more arrivers are, the more they will change the image of culture and civilization of our continent. At the moment some European politicians have become their hostages.

In the opinion of most participants of the congress, the graduate islamization of the West is unavoidable. In this context the strongest opinion was given by the Norwegian feminist Hege Storhaug, who has recently published (also in Poland) a book entitled: ‘Islam. The eleventh plague’. At the congress she gave a lecture entitled: ‘The essence of islam civilization’. She appealed to Poles that if they want to avoid the catastrophe, they should not remake the mistakes of Western Europe but remain faithful to their tradition and close their borders against the mass immigration of the Muslims.

Translation: Aneta Amrozik

„Niedziela” 51/2017 (17 XII 2017)

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