Mirosław Piotrowski

Taking anti-Polish actions, they are trying to blur signs awkwardly. They lost authority in Poland, not being able to consent to it and kneeling at the Brussels gates. Also in Strasburg where there had already been the fifth debate about Poland due to their suggestions. Strictly speaking, the baton of initiation is passed over from hand to hand. Once the Civil Platform, next time the Democratic Leftist Alliance, and then the ‘Modern’, via mediation of befriended liberals with Guy Verhofstadt at helm. Cleverly enough, the Polish People’s Party does not express its opinion in any debates, and during voting its MEPs draw cards out of devices and do not vote, in order to avoid making a decision. A great alibi, isn’t it? Their coalition colleagues speak in the European Parliament unscrupulous. Recently Janusz Lewandowski, dealing with privatization, has spoken as the first one, on behalf of the biggest political group European People’s Party and he stated that the Polish government tolerates ‘xenophobia, racism and neo-fascism’. In Strasburg he was accusing the democratically elected Polish government of abusing authority and ruining achievements of Poland. The achievements from the time when he was a minister, certainly. And I remember when, for pro-national reasons, 13 years ago we suspended an action of propagating irregularities in his actions, as a minister of property transformations, so that he could become a chief of the budget commission. ‘Thank you for the action. I appreciate it’ – he said it to us in a corridor. Now he is causing a conflict unscrupulous. At that time I remembered prophetic words said by one of the former MEPs who stubbornly stated that there was not such a good deed which would be unpunished. At those times, despite political differences, nobody thought of criticizing his own country. Even MEPs of the Democratic Leftist Alliance were outraged, giving Germany as an example, that in Germany, no matter who governs, all political formations think that this is simply the German government, therefore, nobody in Brussels or Strasburg would dare to criticize it. For it means criticizing a country, that is, betrayal. This is German practice. And Poland? The clash between private emergences, and official actions is, unfortunately, enormous. People in Poland see it. And they are really afraid of it – using a term of the MP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski – Targowica confederates. This former chief of all MEPs of the Civic Platform in the European Parliament, after opposing to harmful actions of Donald Tusk and EU sanctions towards Poland, was deprived of all functions by the party comrades and sent back to non-members of this chamber. And here he does not suffer at all, but he is vigorous. He expresses his sympathy towards the alliance ‘Z’ and it does not mean the ‘Zorro’ sign.


„Niedziela” 48/2018

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