The EU flag is a nuisance

Miroslaw Piotrowski

Therefore, it is demanded from the president of France to remove it from the debate hall of the National Assembly, that is, the equivalent of our Seym. He argues that ‘the flag has got too religious, Catholic symbolism, hence it should be removed from the lower chamber of the French parliament’. On that occasion the person of Arsene heitz was mentioned, the creator of the blue flag, on which there are twelve golden stars. It was noted with horror that he was a fervent Catholic. He got the idea from the text of Apocalypse by St. John 12.1 ‘And on Her head there was a wreath of twelve stars’. It means Our Lady! In fact, presented so on the miraculous holy medal. How could such symbols have still remained in the secularized Union? Why is such an oversight? Maybe because a lot of prominent European politicians and officials have been living with a wrong beleif till today that the twelve golden stars refer to the first twelve membership countries of the European Union. It is possible that they also think naively that it is the official flag of the Union. Nothing more wrong. Indeed this idea was inscribed into the Euro-constitution, but in a democratic referendum it was rejected in France (2005) and after some time in Holland. In the accepted Lisbon Treaty, the provision about the EU flag disappeared. It was not liked by the Euro-fanatics in Brussels who, despite official decisions, assumed that the flag raising controversies, would be the symbol of the European Parliament, European Commission and other EU agendas which will want to accept it. So, it entered our buildings through the back door. The French in their parliament hang it up in their parliament voluntarily, let’s say honestly, in order to demonstrate the politically correct opportunism aimed at ostentatious dejection of democratic will of its citizens. In the opinion of politicians the so-called political class knows better. After all, the provision about the flag was introduced into the Euro-constitution by the former president of France Valery Giscard d’Estaing with the European Convent, as the Attachment. The French rejected it, French politicians brought it back, and now they want to remove it again. President Emmanuel Macron is to make a decision about it, but, in fact, it is possibile that it will be the chancellor Angela Merkel who presides over the German Christian democracy. But is she really a Christian? Undoubtedly, the EU decision-makers got caught into a political-ideological trap. In chase of federalism, they made a genetic code of deepening integration out of the EU flag, not paying so much attention to the symbolism or a message presented on it. At present withdrawing the EU flag, as the French leftist party wants, would be perceived as the victory of the European anti-federalists than leftist secularism activists.


Niedziela 44/2017

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