The very referendum was contradictory with the Spanish constitution and the authorities of this Spain should solve this problem. A while later EU politicians, such as the German MEP Elmar Brok suggested Spain a mediation of the European Union in this issue. This politician comes from the European People’s Party, that is, the same political group as Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk, Antonio Tajani, and also the prime minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy. Certainly, it would take place by the consent of the Catalonians. Brok admitted that it was the prime minister of Spain Rajoy who was right, but added immediately, that he did not have any sensitivity. The prime minister’s mistakes were also pointed at during a special debate of the European Parliament in Strasburg. Nearly all so called honest Europeans supported Rajoy, and the commissioner Frans Timmermans stated even that ‘maintaining the governments of law sometimes requires proportional using force’. Well, his chief Jean-Claude Juncker had thought about independent Catalonia still a few weeks earlier. He was thinking about ‘initiating a procedure of including a new political subject into the European Union’. He thought that it would be possible but after such a situation as the newly accepted membership countries in 2004 had experienced. So, shall we allow for ‘proportional using force’ or shall we outline a pro-European vision for secessionists in advance? It must be admitted that the authorities of Catalonia had already tried to gain approval of EU decision-makers by showing them that Barcelona was closer to Union than Madrid. When the government of Spain was lingering with permitting refugees to enter the country (Spain was supposed to permit 16 thousand refugees to arrive, but it permitted hardly over a thousand), in Catalonia manifestations of thousands protesters were organized under the slogan: ‘We want to permit refugees for arrival’. The leftist mayor of Barcelona suggested a special ‘social pact about permitting refugees to arrive’. And if it is true that Catalonian separatists were financed by the ‘Open society’ foundation set up by George Soros, it is clear that it will happen so, that it is impossible to be closer to the European Union. I am aware that European politicians of the Civic Platform and media related to them are envious of this conclusion. I will understand that when they will argue that it were them who got clung more to the European Union.


„Niedziela” 42/2017

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